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   Chapter 2402 Getting Beaten

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It was as if a light bulb switched itself on inside Zen's mind.

The Truth of Godly Way was extremely complicated to begin with.

One had to continually recite it in order to uncover the truth and engrave it deeply into the soul.

If one was unable to handle the Truth of Godly Way, they would naturally not be able to recite it thus making it impossible to memorize the ten thousand words by rote. Only by comprehending the meaning would one be able to truly recite and memorize it.

The more words, the more insights one could get on the Truth of Godly Way, and the more the soul was influenced.

Memorization was no easy feat. Even an outstanding consummate True God like Augustus couldn't take the pressure of the Truth Godly Way and passed out quite frequently.

The moment Zen attained enlightenment, all that unbearable pressure quickly disappeared.

Reciting the Truth of Cultivation Nature after that was so easy and as he did so, Zen felt as if his soul entered a strange world.

It was as if he was within a desolate ocean.

Specks of crystal light were scattered on the surface of an endless, blue sea.

As he took a step, an illusory boat appeared beneath his feet. There was a sense of safety that rose in his heart as he boarded the boat that would help him cross the boundless sea.

In the side hall, everyone stared at Zen in a daze.

Augustus was very fidgety in his anxiousness while Hallet tried his best to calm his mind.

Zen's pupils had lost all their luster.

He was staring blankly at the text on the Truth of Cultivation Nature, reciting it slowly and constantly, "If we don't sit in meditation, don't get jealous of the general things, don't...."

"This guy... has recited three thousand words!" Augustus exclaimed.

After breaking through the bottleneck, Augustus had been able to recite three thousand and five hundred words. He was greatly ahead in the comprehension of the Truth of Cultivation Nature compared to Hallet and Zen.

"No. I can't let this guy surpass me. He is just a low-rank True God..." Not willing to get beaten, Augustus also began to recite out loud.

The comprehension of the Truth of Godly Way required full devotion of both mind and body. Augustus had to give it his all and could not afford to be distracted.

The more anxious he was, the harder it would be for him. Unfortunately, he had already been quite buzzed with e

-legged and now appeared to be in meditation.

"It won't be long until he fully comprehends the Truth of Cultivation Nature... He is just a low-rank True God but his talent is already so extraordinary," Hallet could only sigh.

Augustus stared at Zen meditating and couldn't help himself. "He's cheating! His son cheated and he is cheating too!"

When Geoffrey completely deciphered the Truth of Godly Way, Augustus thought it was definitely ridiculous. Those golden Sanskrit words had been left behind by their master and there was no way a mere boy like Geoffrey would be able to decipher them. Augustus just simply refused to believe it.

But now, right in front of him, Zen had actually comprehended the Truth of Cultivation Nature to such an extent. It was a tough pill for Augustus to swallow.

At that moment, a loud noise came from outside the side hall. It was Geoffrey who came in with the puppet Augustus had given him.

This puppet made him quite happy and he took it with him everywhere he went around the fairy palace.

"Hush!" Hallet signaled to Geoffrey. Zen was in his meditative state and he didn't want anyone to disturb him.

"Where's my father?" Geoffrey asked. His eyes swept the entire room but he didn't see him.

Augustus pointed at Zen. "There! Can't you see?"

Zen sat upright on the floor but under the influence of the Truth of Cultivation Nature, he could appear as a chair or even a pillar in this room.

If one did not look closely, then it would be difficult to notice his existence.

This was the natural magic of the Truth of Cultivation Nature.

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