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   Chapter 2401 Sudden Comprehension

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Zen's failure to enter the Everest Spirit Mountain only further complicated the situation. Harold needed to make another deduction.

With a sigh, he had Yan reveal everything she had collected down to the smallest detail.

"The treasure that the consummate True Gods scramble for in the forbidden land must be a supreme treasure of belief."

"The supreme treasure of belief in the Time Sea… my goodness! The supreme treasure of belief in the second level is already very powerful."

Both Bryson and Ken were utterly shocked to have gotten the news—Zen managed to rob the treasure in the forbidden land from the very hands of consummate True Gods.

Even Harold looked surprised. "With Zen's strength, it's almost impossible for him to grab a treasure from the hands of the consummate True Gods. Perhaps he chanced upon a great opportunity."

With a noncommittal expression, Yan raised her head and said, "My brother is always the best, of course!"

Seeing Yan's adorable yet proud face, Bryson smiled. "Okay, it's true. In your eyes, your brother is indeed the best."

These words made Harold smile too before he sat cross-legged on the ground with his fingers rolling in the air.

Wisps of gray aura began wreathing around his right hand—it was the Faith Energy triggered by the Evolution Godly Way.

The prediction of this Godly Way was quite different from the general prediction of fate.

All sorts of prediction skills hoped to see through mysteries and get right to the truth.

It was a fairly useful move in most universes as their fate rarely changed so much. The Holy Beings who built the universes would have left some flaws, after all. Sometimes, they even gave out hints deliberately, letting the people infer the truth of the afterlife to some extent.

But the divine land was much closer than the universes—it was almost impossible to infer its future through a few flaws.

But the Evolution Godly Way's prediction did not solely rely on the divine land.

During the prediction, Harold would integrate all the possible changes into the Evolution Godly Way.

He was to create a temporary world with the help of the Evolution Godly Way. Then, he would step back and watch all the changes unfold in the world until he got the end result.

For instance, if there was a bird with an egg about to hatch, then out of that egg would surely be a baby bird. Such was the way to presuppose a reason before getting a result.

When Harold ad Rachelle faced each other in battle, Harold had thought about Rachelle's character, her use of the Murdering Godly Way, and the fact that consummate True Gods coul

ultivation Nature word per word, increasing his comprehension speed remarkably. Within a short time, he managed to recite 3, 500 words.

Witnessing the scene, both Zen and Hallet were rather surprised.

"Maybe it's natural for him to do what he pleases." Hallet couldn't help but curl his mouth helplessly—he was used to seeing Augustus in such a state, having known that the latter's talent bested his own.

"Well, it's easy to merely recite the words," he said with a click of his tongue before continuing to recite.

And because he took the lead, he showed some disdain for Hallet's and Zen's progress.

"What kind of expression are you wearing?" Hallet asked in a querulous voice.

Zen turned to Augustus' triumphant expression and shook his head helplessly before focusing on his reciting once again.

But after reciting 2, 800 words, he seemed to have encountered some kind of bottleneck as well. His soul began trembling more and more severely, making it difficult for him to go on.

"The Truth of Cultivation Nature is a natural understanding. It is not created by the later generations but is a natural existence."

When he managed to memorize 2, 850 words, an idea suddenly came to his mind.

At that point, he felt that he had caught an important window of opportunity.

When the others practiced the Truth of Cultivation Nature, they used their minds. But behind the method, the truth lay in nature's real will—something that could be comprehended by using any means.

"Something unknown exists before the birth of heaven and earth. It holds no specific shape—its nature is profound and subtle and its voice cannot be heard. I can only blame it on nature." Zen raised his head as something sparked in his eyes. "I see!"

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