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   Chapter 2400 Inquire About The Situation

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"Has anything happened on the Floating Islands after their rankings were determined?"

Lange echoed the girl's question as he was stunned after hearing it.

Almost everyone who was able to enter the Everest Spirit Mountain was a True God from one of the Floating Islands.

However, it seemed that this girl didn't know much about the Floating Islands, which meant that she must have been staying in the Everest Spirit Mountain for a long time.

And those who had been staying in the Everest Spirit Mountain for a long time could only be... The answer was clear in Lange's mind.

Right now, the Everest Spirit Mountain was under Harold's control. In other words, this girl was on Harold's side.

The girl noticed the change in Lange's expression and immediately knew what was on his mind.

Standing on the back of the Brutal Bull, she said in a cold voice, "Don't try to guess my identity. Just answer me!"

"Something big did happen not long ago!" Lange answered immediately as he couldn't afford to offend her. "It's related to the Luo Clan!"

Lange knew that this girl was a member of the Luo Clan, so he understood what she was asking. Besides, there was only one big thing that had happened on the Floating Islands recently. In fact, he felt a bit relieved because it was not hard to guess what the girl wanted to know.

There was no enmity between the Bai Clan and the Luo Clan. As long as they honestly answered the girl's questions, their lives would likely be spared.

"The Luo Clan?"

Just as he had expected, a tinge of anxiety appeared in the girl's eyes. It seemed that she really cared about the Luo Clan.

"People say that a son of Mike was smuggled into the divine land from the universe and that he infiltrated the Han Clan's Floating Island. Then, he turned into an anonymous man and set terrifying records in the Arena of Legends," Lange explained.

After the Astronomical Transit Day celebration, the True Gods had spread this news to the public, so it was not a secret anymore.

At this, the girl's face was full of undisguised concern.

She had been waiting for her brother all this time.

She had even asked Harold to pass on a message to Zen, hoping that he could come to the Everest Spirit Mountain.

According to the rules, Zen should have been able to enter the Cloud Dragon Ravine after the rankings of the Floating Islands were determined. However, nearly a month had passed after the rankings were determined, and yet he still hadn't arrived!

She had the feeling that something must have gone wrong.

But as she had been staying away from the Floating Islands, she had had

en to know that her father had just created clones of her two uncles when he had set up the Eastern Region and even given them the same names.

Of course, her two uncles in the Everest Spirit Mountain had no idea what had happened in the Luo Clan of the Eastern Region.

It could be said that the two of them had been made to be bad guys by their elder brother Mike. When they had first met their young niece, they had been puzzled about her looming hostility toward them. After Yan had explained the situation, they couldn't help but laugh. After all, it was typical of Mike to be so unkind.

"Yan is as talented and capable as Zen. The only thing she lacks is experience," said Harold in an indifferent tone. "It's better for her to do something by herself."

"Yes!" Yan said unhappily to her two uncles. "You can't worry too much about me. Otherwise, I will never grow up!"

Bryson and Ken could do nothing but shake their heads with a smile. Then Bryson asked, "What about the information you went to inquire?"

"Something happened to my brother," Yan said calmly. "Rachelle Mu figured out his identity."


"How is he now?"

The facial expressions of Bryson and Ken changed.

At the same time, a trace of concern also appeared on Harold's face. However, Yan didn't look upset, so he knew that Zen's condition couldn't be too bad.

"He was rescued by Joy Han," Yan replied.

Hearing this, they were all relieved.

Then, Yan told them about everything she had heard.

With a worried expression, she added, "I wonder where my brother is now."

Her wish to be reunited with her brother had been so close to coming true. She had never expected that things would go wrong, so she naturally felt rather disappointed now.

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