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   Chapter 2399 The Girl On The Back Of A Bull

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In the four corners of the divine land stood the four divine trees, all in different positions.

The Ray Tree helped strengthen the Dongfang Clan, which ranked first and enjoyed long lasting prosperity courtesy of the Ray Tree.

The Sunrest Tree was located in the west of the divine land, where the Sword Clan lived. Their Floating Island was ranked second in the Time Sea.

Three forces occupied the Hidden Tree, namely the Moon Sect, the War God Hall, and the Mysterious Soul Building. They worked together to form the Moon Clan, whose Floating Island ranked third.

Those top three clans were known as the most powerful above the Time Sea, and it was virtually impossible for an ordinary clan to overthrow them. Those three clans relied on the three divine trees in the divine land, which was why their resources were far richer and more abundant than those of the ordinary clans.

As for the Lofty Tree in the north of the divine land, it was a divine tree that changed constantly.

The Lofty Tree changed every once in a while—sometimes it was a place of ice and snow, and sometimes it was a hell of flames. It was certainly not a suitable place for races to live in.

As of the current divine era, the Lofty Tree gave off a strong sense of death, so its surrounding area was devoid of life as well.

Zen was stunned upon hearing Hallet's words. "Non-combat Zone? What do you mean by that?" he asked in disbelief.

He knew that there were four divine trees in the divine land, but they all stood near the edges. He had never been to those places yet.

"There is a miraculous thing in the area of the Sunrest Tree. When this thing is activated, no one is allowed to fight within the area," Hallet answered.

"No one is allowed to fight within the area?" Zen was confused. "Will I be punished if I fight someone else?"

Battles were not allowed in many areas in the divine land. The stone slabs would punish anyone who offended the rule. Such a thing was rather common.

"It's not like what you think. It's impossible to fight in the Non-combat Zone. If you enter the Non-combat Zone, you will be infected by a strange atmosphere and you will not be able to fight with others," Hallet said with a smile.

"Not even Holy Beings are exempted?" "Right, even Holy Beings are not exempted," Hallet nodded.

"I'm aware that you don't understand that feeling right now, but you will know when you are in the zone."

"The Non-combat Zone is quite unique." True to Hallet's analysis, the time when Zen had entered the divine land was very important.

His father would definitely have things planned. If he based his speculations on the timeline, then he would absolutely participate in the debate over the Godl

ed down at the True Gods with piqued interest.

"Who...who are you?"

The three mid-rank True Gods from the Bai Clan stared at the girl on the back of the bull, their faces full of vigilance.

Although the girl was truly beautiful and her innocent face shone brightly with a kind smile that was definitely far from being harmful, her sudden appearance at a dangerous circumstance seemed strange.

It looked like those Brutal Bulls were under her control. "Answer me, which clan are you from?" the girl asked indifferently and stared at the three men.

Left with no other choice because of their precarious situation, the three True Gods had to answer. The mid-rank True God who took the lead mustered his courage and answered, "We are from the Bai Clan. The Bai Clan is a powerful clan above the Time Sea. My name is Lange Bai. This is my junior brother, Jarred Bai. That is my another junior brother—"

"Wait! I didn't ask your names..."

The young girl didn't expect that the mid-rank True God would actually introduce themselves. Her eyebrows were furrowed and she looked a little helpless, but nonetheless charming. She was incomparably beautiful.

"I just want to know something from you. If you can answer me honestly, I will protect you from being in danger until you leave the Everest Spirit Mountain safely," the girl added.

Upon hearing what she said, the three mid-rank True Gods lit up with hope.

Although they didn't know who she was, she could protect them until they left because they saw how she calmed down the Brutal Bulls.

"What is it then? If I know it, I will tell you everything!" said Lange Bai as he bowed to her respectfully.

"Has anything happened in the Floating Islands after their rankings have been determined?" As she spoke, her eyes flashed with a strange light.

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