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   Chapter 2398 Non-combat Zone

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Originally, the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos was written by Bromley by using backstepping based on his own knowledge and experience.

He had deciphered the middle part of the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos according to some golden Sanskrit words.

But since not every word of this part was a hundred percent correct, the Truth of Godly Way contained within it was greatly weakened.

On the other hand, the Truth of Cultivation Nature, which Geoffrey previously deciphered, was a complete text. With his natural talent for interpreting great texts, the power of the Truth of Cultivation Nature that he had cracked was horrifying.

Now, as if bewitched, Hallet and Augustus continued to read the words written by Geoffrey one by one, and their eyes hung onto the tip of Geoffrey's brush, not willing to stop at all.

Letitia's face was filled with a mixture of pride and relief when she saw this.

Before, when Immortal Book had talked about the value of the golden Sanskrit words and about Geoffrey's great talent in deciphering them, Letitia had had her doubts.

Although she had been happy to hear those words, she had wondered if Immortal Book was overestimating her son or playing up his abilities.

After all, Geoffrey was still a little boy. Even if he was talented, how could he have made such exaggerated achievements all of a sudden?

Not to mention that in her eyes, True Gods like Hallet and Augustus were far superior.

Even if she thought that Supreme Lords were extremely powerful, they were nobodies when compared to the True Gods. So, this situation hadn't made sense to her at all.

When Zen had come back to the fairy palace with Joy, Letitia had noticed the two of them paying a lot of attention to the words on the paper deciphered by Geoffrey.

After that, when she had been in bed with him, she had asked him how powerful Joy was.

Zen had told her that there were countless True Gods in the divine land and yet Joy was someone that all the True Gods looked up to.

But this woman, whom all the True Gods admired, had been reading something written by Geoffrey for half a month. How could Letitia not be proud of her son?

Now, another two disciples of Zen's master had suddenly shown up at the fairy palace. The two warriors were strange but the power they exuded didn't seem to be much less than Joy's. And these warriors were also stunned by the words written by Geoffrey.

It seemed that Immortal Book hadn't been talking nonsense after all—the mind method of this Truth of Godly Way was more important than Zen himself.

'But for me, my child and my husband are the most important, ' Letitia thought as she looked at Zen and Geoffrey in silence.

A short while later, Geoffrey had written a thousand more words.

Soon, both Hallet and Augustus met a bottleneck just like Zen ha

ldered expression on his face.

"The Sunrest Tree is located in the west of the divine land; it is the place where the sun falls. It is the stronghold of the Sword Clan and the debate venue," Hallet explained. "There are still two years left before a new round of debate over the Godly Ways will begin. If I'm not wrong, Harold is supposed to take you to participate in it."

A smile spread across Hallet's face at this moment. "Maybe Harold has some Truth of Godly Way to teach you."

"But your father made a mistake. You didn't go to Everest Spirit Mountain. And what is more surprising is that the Truth of Godly Way decoded by your son is probably more powerful than what your father has prepared for you!" Augustus couldn't help chipping in after keeping silent for a while.

"Shut up," Hallet warned coldly.

Augustus fell into silence again. Apparently, Hallet always had a way to deal with Augustus.

Anyway, Zen wasn't disheartened by Augustus' words as he was still pondering over what Hallet had just told him.

All he knew was that there were four divine trees in the divine land and that the Dongfang Clan had occupied the Ray Tree.

The Sword Clan, which ranked second among the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands, also possessed one of the divine trees—the Sunrest Tree.

"So you're saying that Harold will definitely go to the Sunrest Tree?" Zen asked.

"I think so," answered Hallet.

What Zen cared about was not Harold, but Yan.

"It doesn't make sense. Let's say Harold takes me to the Sunrest Tree, what if Nicholas comes there too?" Zen asked again.

A trace of disdain appeared in Augustus' eyes, as if he was ridiculing Zen's ignorance. He opened his mouth to say something, but after a stern glance from Hallet, he quickly closed it again.

"It's very simple. The Sunrest Tree is the Non-combat Zone," said Hallet in a calm voice.

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