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   Chapter 2397 More Than A Thousand Puppets

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For Geoffrey, it wasn't difficult to decipher the six golden Sanskrit words.

He studied the boy and the long-haired man in front of him. The both of them looked sharp and extraordinary, and Geoffrey knew for a fact that they were the two other disciples of his father's master, so he really didn't mind wringing them for some treasures.

"No problem!" Without hesitation, Hallet drew a palm-sized bottle gourd from his space ring and showed it to Geoffrey.

It was a purple-golden color and had two green leaves by the end of its vine.

"What does it do?" Geoffrey asked curiously. He was very excited to see the bottle gourd, but he tried his best to appear nonchalant.

"This is called the Purple-golden Creating Gourd. It has a world inside it, and it can make you double the result with half the effort when you are cultivating," said Hallet. "Since you can't leave the fairy palace, you must be very bored. The world within the Purple-golden Creating Gourd is much larger than a great world and there are countless secondary creatures in it. Moreover, there is a large lake in the Purple-golden Creating Gourd filled with erosive water. If you drive the Purple-golden Creating Gourd to absorb an ordinary low-rank True God into it, they would be incinerated in an instant! More importantly, you can use this Purple-golden Creating Gourd without refining it."

Geoffrey was sold.

He truly was bored staying in the fairy palace all the time. He was young and he wanted to wander around and explore the world around him. He lived a very comfortable life, yes, but staying in the fairy palace was just as boring as being in prison.

Although Geoffrey wanted the Purple-golden Creating Gourd badly, he schooled his face to not show his excitement. "This Purple-golden Creating Gourd is very common. Do you have any other treasures?"

But Hallet was a smart man.

When he heard this, he put the gourd back into his space ring and sniffed, "Forget it! It's okay if you don't like it."

Geoffrey's eyes widened. "No, please don't! Deal!" Then his eyes fell on Augustus, who just struggled to his feet. "But there are two of you. You're the only one who can see my translation."

Hallet turned to Augustus and smirked. "You have a lot of scrap metals, don't you? Pick one for thi

tus glanced at Zen and smiled wryly.

It was true that with this battle puppet, one could defeat an ordinary mid-rank True God. However, the previous fight between him and Zen had already made Augustus realize that Zen was by no means an ordinary mid-rank True God.

In Augustus' eyes, even a top-rank True God would be unable to defeat Zen now.

Geoffrey, however, didn't think too much about the answer. He liked the two gifts from Augustus and Hallet very much.

Fulfilling his part of the agreement, Geoffrey took out his pen, unfolded a piece of soft white paper, and began to translate the six Golden Sanskrit words.

To a certain extent, Augustus and Hallet kept suspecting Zen's words.

It was hard for them to believe that the little boy before them could decipher the group of Golden Sanskrit words that even their master couldn't crack. It also didn't help that what he deciphered was a mind method of Truth of Godly Way.

But then again, seeing is believing.

So when Geoffrey started writing the words one after the other, they recited them.

In no more than twenty words, the two of them changed colors and felt a streak of the Truth of Godly Way slowly pressing down on their souls.

This was how they felt when they cultivated the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos given by their master.

However, in the opening chapter of the Truth of Dark and Light Chaos, the Truth of Godly Way was not very strong, and it was far from being as powerful as that contained in the words written down by Geoffrey.

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