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   Chapter 2396 Truth Of Dark And Light Chaos

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Still in the air, Zen sent Augustus spiraling down with a roll of his body.

He had been preparing for this for a long time. Therefore the power of his strikes should never be underestimated.

Caught off guard, Augustus wasn't even able to react to this surprise attack.


Quietly, Augustus just lay in a huge pit, eyes staring out in awe at what just happened.

Just then, Zen landed steadily at the edge of the pit. A faint smile appeared on his face, and a hint of excitement flashed from his eyes.

When he used the Eight Smoky Melodies a few moments before, Zen discovered that he could fuse the Truth of Godly Way into this particular skill.

Although Zen had been considering the use of the Truth of Godly Way recently, he wasn't in a hurry to totally grasp it as the side hall was occupied by Joy. Thus, his understanding of the Truth of Godly Way was still very shallow, and it didn't even amount to Geoffrey's understanding of it.

However, the principle of the Eight Smoky Melodies was free to be used. So while employing it, Zen managed to fuse the Truth of Godly Way as if it were an instinct already.

Unlike Joy who had understood half of the Truth of Godly Way, Zen had no idea that the Truth of Godly Way had to follow the natural course.

Now that he was fully aware and capable of harnessing this great power, it excited him to have a new skill.

At the beginning, Letitia had been very angry with the sparring, but seeing Zen smash Gus into the ground left a smile on her face. 'Serves you right, ' she thought to herself.

"This is... The Truth of Godly Way! Where in the world did you learn it?" Hallet's eyes were full of disbelief.

On the other hand, Augustus was just about to ask the same thing but he was frozen in shock. He opened his mouth to speak but closed it soon after so he didn't look too stupid.

Although his original plan was to pull punches to let Zen have a counterattack, he was a consummate True God, anyway.

Originally he wanted to teach Zen a lesson, but it turned out that it was the other way around. It was too embarrassing for Augustus.

He didn't care about Zen. To him, Zen was a young boy from the universe. Even if he had inherited the fairy palace, he was a mere new-comer to the divine land. Would he even be so lucky to already have the opportunity to learn the Truth of Godly Way? This was unfair!

The Truth of Godly Way was considered such a rare thing in the divine land. Even the Holy Beings rarely had the chance to learn about it, not to mention the consummate True Gods.

In fact, both Augustus and Hallet had already learned about the Truth of Godly Way years ago.

Back then, Holy Jay had handed a golden Sanskrit word to Bromley. Then, Bromley spent much time prying into its deepest secrets, and eventually obtained an abridged cultivation method from it. This came to be Truth of Dark and Light Chaos, something that Bromley

gh many of the golden Sanskrit words had already been discovered, only a few of them were deciphered correctly, while only a handful were considered valuable.

"I think I should be thanking my son for this," Zen said with a proud smile.

Hearing this, Hallet's eyes grew wider and he was struck with confusion.

Although he didn't say anything about it, he already knew that Zen had moved his family here when he saw the several beautiful women residing in the fairy palace. Zen had the right to do this, so no one really bothered him for doing so.

But did the Truth of Godly Way have anything to do with Zen's son?

A few minutes later, Zen led Hallet into the side hall. He pointed at the golden Sanskrit words hanging on the wall and said, "The Truth of Godly Way was deciphered by my son from the golden Sanskrit words left by our master," he explained. "I actually didn't know this until I returned to the fairy palace."

Hearing this, Hallet's jaw dropped and he let out a little gasp. His gaze fell on Geoffrey who was not too far away from them. "He is only 16 years old," Hallet processed. "How was he able to decipher the golden Sanskrit words?"

Joy smiled softly. She had felt the same way earlier. She said, "Why not ask him to write a translation for you?"

She neatly tucked away what Geoffrey translated for her, not wanting to share it with the rest.

On the sidelines, Geoffrey grew quite curious about Hallet all along the way as he watched him riding his ox and throwing Augustus into the pond.

His attention immediately perked up as he heard them speaking about him.

"Kid, do you mind writing another translation of the golden Sanskrit words for me?" Hallet asked politely.

A faint smile appeared on Geoffrey's face. He looked quite shy and hesitant, but he responded, "Of course I can. It's not that hard, but..." He stopped for a while and eventually smiled, "Is there any benefits for me to do that?"

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