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   Chapter 2395 Teach Zen A Lesson

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Now, looking at their momentum, Zen was very conflicted.

Back then, when Estelle left the fairy palace, the enchanted barrier failed to stop her.

However, Zen had no idea whether she escaped because she had broken the enchanted barrier or perhaps she had a secret method to go through it.

If a consummate True God could tear open the enchanted barrier, they could easily connect the space of the divine land with that of the fairy palace which would cause some grave consequences.

As he worried about what could happen, Saul came out to console him, "Master, don't worry. They can enter this enchanted barrier freely."

Hearing Saul's words calmed down Zen, allowing him to focus on other things.

His family resided in the fairy palace. They were the most important people to him. Naturally, he could not allow any accidents to happen.

As the two men gradually approached the enchanted barrier, their speed did not decrease at all.

Gus, who was rushing in the front, suddenly flipped his hand and a small token appeared in his hand.

A wind token!

Zen saw the token immediately and gave it a good look.

The eight tokens-- of water, fire, thunder, wind, mountain, valley, earth, and heaven--all had different uses and advantages. Among them, the wind token was the first token Zen had obtained, and the only use of this token seemed to be to dodge the two huge puppets in the fairy palace, so that he could enter the fairy palace safely.

After Zen obtained the recognition of Saul, the wind token didn't have much use to him anymore. Moreover, he had already managed to enter the fairy palace several times by passing through the space node in the valley of the Eastern Region. Later, after he got the mountain token, he could then eventually return to the fairy palace directly.

He never would have guessed that the wind token would have such use.

As soon as Gus took out his token, he headed straight towards the enchanted barrier. As the indestructible enchanted barrier slightly fluctuated, it somehow engulfed Gus' body entirely.

At the same time, the boy riding the cyan ox also raised a wind token and entered through the enchanted barrier in a similar manner.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Just then, the apes that chased after them arrived and left big gaping holes on the ground outside the enchanted barrier.

Among them, several golden apes looked quite indignant. They pounded hard on their chests and showed their teeth to the two people at the other side of the enchanted barrier, trying to provoke them.

"Wow... These damn apes are really hard to deal with." The long haired man gasped.

"Gus, Hal, long time no see," said Saul, greetin

for Zen who was being made into a ball.

On the other hand, Lavender didn't say a thing. Although she couldn't tell how powerful the two were, she didn't feel that Augustus bore any ill attention. Despite how it seemed, she could tell that his attacks were well controlled and not intended to harm Zen.

"Bang! Bang! Bang..."

As Zen was hit back and forth like this, he began to feel a little nauseated.

It was a good thing that he had the Redemption Armor, so he wasn't hurt by Augustus' attacks.

But despite this, he was not at all pleased to be fooled around in such manner.

However, he couldn't even see Augustus considering his speedy movement. How could he fight back?

'He's at the back!' Zen thought.

As he struggled in midair, he turned around and tried to grab Augustus by the neck.

He was thinking of all the things he'd do to Gus when he finally captured him.

Lucky for him, Zen was right. However, Augustus began to float away from Zen and appeared above him. He was about to stomp on Zen!

"Eight Smoky Melodies!"

Because he was so dizzy and tired of this game, Zen had no choice but to use Eight Smoky Melodies. He floated like a piece of paper.

"Does it work? Remember this is the cultivation method I recommended for you!" Augustus let out a loud laugh, trying to stomp onto Zen's body with no mercy.

But the moment his foot collided with Zen's body, he felt something wrong. He saw a trace of incomprehensible truth from Zen, and his face began to show fear instead of excitement.

With that trace of truth, together with the bodily movement skills of the Eight Smoky Melodies, Zen dodged Augustus' foot with no extra movements. Just then, he stretched out and gripped Augustus' leg firmly. "Gus." He smiled. "I guess it's my turn now!"

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