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They were in one of the fairy palace's chambers.

Lavender leaned her face against Zen's chest as she breathed evenly and slowly. She had fallen asleep.

On the opposing side, Letitia was equally curled up under Zen's arm, sleeping deep like a baby.

With their cultivation levels, they generally didn't need sleep in order to replenish their energy. For most of the year, they could simply sit cross-legged for a short while to maintain their full energy.

That said, these past days were different.

Sometimes, sleep wasn't just sleep. In fact, it could have a special meaning.

Zen moved his arm slightly, and Lavender immediately opened her eyes. She looked up at Zen with her red eyes, like a vigilant kitten. She was on her guard.

Letitia, on his other side, also woke up. The moment her soul fully awakened, the ridiculous scene of the three of them having a passionate night replayed in her mind. Her face couldn't help but redden and she was very embarrassed. "Zen, yesterday, I..."

As she noticed Letitia's hesitation, Lavender intentionally said indifferently, "What's done is done. There's no need to feel ashamed."

Letitia's expression looked everything but natural as she listened to Lavender speak. Her mouth opened, but she didn't know what to say. Instead, she grabbed the blanket and whipped it over herself in order to better cover her body.

"Lavender," Zen murmured as he gently patted her head.

Lavender quickly revealed a complacent smile.

"Get up, or Geoffrey will complain again," Zen said as he smiled bitterly.

Once Zen had gotten dressed and peered out, he was met with the sound of a spear whooshing through the air.

As Zen walked out and turned the corner, he came face to face with Geoffrey and his spear, who was charging and jabbing at Joy relentlessly.

"Has Joy finished her closed-door cultivation, yet?" Zen's eyes lit up and opened wide.

As Zen looked closer at Joy's bodily movement skill, a very special feeling crept over him.

Her body moved around in an elegant manner. She seemed to change position gracefully, as though she was dancing without giving it any thought. As she fluttered around Geoffrey's long spear, Zen couldn't help himself but think that she resembled a butterfly. The scene was very harmonious, to say the least.

"It seems that the Truth of Godly Way has provided her with great benefit," Zen said.

Before long, Letitia walked over. When she saw Geoffrey making an attack at Joy while muttering something, she raised her eyebrows in surprise. She was always worried that Geoffrey would get hurt.

Luckily, Joy and Geoffrey only sparred with each other for a short while. When Joy noticed Zen, she flicked her spear away and, without a moment's hesitation, she walked over to him.

"Congratulations, Joy! You h

the size of lakes around their feet.

With the boy's strength, upon casting the fishing line, he caused ultimate injury. He was so powerful that even if a consummate True God was hit by his attack, they'd be seriously injured. As the golden fishing line sliced at the apes, it left cuts on their bodies.

Despite their injuries, one of the golden apes relied on its strong instinct to avoid the fishing line thrown out by the boy and rushed toward him instead.

It was then that the golden ape stretched out its fluffy big hand to catch the boy. The boy suddenly yet calmly blurted out, "Go."

The boy on the cyan ox immediately disappeared.

"Hey! Wait for me!"

As the long haired man saw the boy use the spatial transference and appear in front of him, his face was full of indignation. As he jumped up, he also disappeared from his spot.

As they continuously flashed using the spatial transference in order to move forward, the two of them got closer and closer to the fairy palace's enchanted barrier!

"Is... Is that... Gus?"

Zen said, who had been standing behind the enchanted barrier, with his eyes wide open. The two individuals were moving so quickly that it was hard to tell.

Zen didn't know Hallet, though.

He had once fought with Augustus on the True Path. He had a deep impression of Gus, and thus he recognized him in a single glance.

Joy, who was standing beside Zen, smiled and said, "Yeah, that's Hallet and Augustus!"

"Can they even come inside? Should I open the enchanted barrier for them?" As he watched the scene before him, Zen immediately became anxious.

Before opening the enchanted barrier, Zen had to send everyone in the fairy palace to the training tower. Otherwise, when the space in the fairy place was connected to the space outside, Letitia, Lavender, and the rest would turn into life vitality and disappear.

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