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   Chapter 2393 Truth Of Cultivation Nature

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"The 3, 000 Godly Ways have their own rules and are very different," Joy recited.

"But in the end, they all follow the natural course.

It's called the Truth of Cultivation Nature."

As she murmured these words, a realization hit her.

Her slender fingers moved, causing strength source and streaks of purple aura to flow out of her body and fill the side hall.

In the divine land, Joy was an absolute authority on the Purple Aura Godly Way.

It was the perfect Godly Way to make an array.

When the predecessors of the Purple Aura Godly Way had cultivated it, they had nurtured all kinds of living beings using the purple aura and then set up all kinds of arrays.

Then, with Mike's help, Joy had tried to spread their ideas to the world.

The Four Swords Change in the Gods Killing Sword Array was the foundation.

The Thirty-Two Swords Change was a little more complicated and fierce.

The Ninety-Six Swords Change, which had the maximum power, was the final and perfect form of the Gods Killing Sword Array. The variables and killing intent in it were all extremely horrible.

In addition to the sword arrays, Joy also had other arrays like the Beasts and Dragons Array, the Bird Dream Array, and the Purple Spirit Strife Array under her belt.

In order to maximize the power of the Purple Aura Godly Way, Joy had been working hard to build an even larger array by trying to perfectly match the Purple Aura Godly Way with the strength source.

It was a massive project as there would be a lot more variables involved than in the previous arrays.

Even for her, it would be an extremely difficult task to build such an array.

Therefore, she hadn't made much progress even though she'd been working on it for a long time.

"It's difficult if one is obsessed. If you are too eager, you will only be stuck. If you spend too much time thinking, you will only have empty thoughts..." she continued reciting.

"No obsession, no eagerness, no empty thoughts...

Only then will you reach self-realization."

Joy was no longer controlling the purple aura, nor was she shaping the strength source. She just let them float on their own in the side hall.

As she recited the words, a strange idea popped into her mind.

Invisible strength and purple aura were slowly flowing through the side hall. Sometimes, the purple aura enveloped the strength, and other times, the strength pushed the purple aura away.

Like the clouds in the sky, the purple aura sometimes turned into galloping horses, and sometimes into gods and ghosts—all sorts of strange and bizarre figures.

"Although the arrays are mysteriou

ally knocked his spear away before gently knocking him down.

But ever since Geoffrey had deciphered the six golden Sanskrit words, the situation had been different.

The first time Geoffrey had managed to hurt Lavender with his spear, she had been caught off guard.

Although she had always suppressed her cultivation to the Internal Elixir Realm, she had still been shocked.

After that, Lavender had begun to take this "little opponent" seriously and had spared no effort while sparring with him.

In the beginning, she had still been able to suppress Geoffrey with her moves.

However, as Geoffrey deciphered more and more words of the Truth of Godly Way, his understanding became more and more profound, and he was able to have an even battle with Lavender now.

At the thrust of his spear, Joy turned around.

She didn't move very fast or think much about it. Her body was as gentle as the wind, so she naturally avoided the spear.


Geoffrey sensed a trace of the Truth of Godly Way emitting from Joy, but hers was much more profound than his.


Geoffrey knew that sparring with an opponent like this would benefit him a lot.

He had a slight knowledge of the Truth of Godly Way, but he was able to comprehend it even more now from Joy's skills.

An Internal Elixir Realm secondary creature sparring with a Demi-holy Being was indeed a rare scene.

"Godly Ways follow the natural course; the understanding of them demands perseverance. All Godly Ways follow the natural course.

There is no other way to comprehend the Godly Ways."

As Geoffrey thrust his spear, he became more enlightened and then tried to recite the Truth of Godly Way. Hearing his recitation, Joy smiled and started to recite it too.

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