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   Chapter 2392 The Truth Boat

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The air on the Floating Islands became subtle and solemn after the Astronomical Transit Day.

Not many True Gods witnessed Nicholas's angry face in person. But the things that happened on Astronomical Transit Day were quickly spread among the various Floating Islands.

"The anonymous man's identity was finally revealed. It's Mike's son!"

"It's quite bold of him to come here. He even bypassed the Jiang Clan's supervision, and directly came to the divine land!"

"What's more, he took away the jade seal from the hands of many consummate True Gods. It's said that the jade seal is a fourth-grade supreme treasure of belief."

"Is there something going on between him and Estelle? She silenced the whole divine land for him."

"Not to mention that the lives of those consummate True Gods are at his disposal, and he's just a low-rank True God. That's quite impressive!"

Most of the wealthy clans on the Floating Islands had a stable relationship.

The numerous True Gods worked hard day and night, shuttling back and forth in the forbidden lands and the Floating Islands.

The news of the incident quickly spread through the rest of the Floating Islands like wildfire, because not only it involved Zen, but the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan was caught up in it as well.

Thus, things were really on edge. Everyone was curious as to how Nicholas would react, and how the Han Clan would deal with the matter, and whether the consummate True Gods which were taken by Zen, would return safely or not.

If Zen really killed those True Gods, then things were about to go south.

A while later, Rachelle, Troy, Alfredo and others finally came back.

As soon as Alfredo stepped foot on the Han Clan's Floating Island, he was summoned by the Holy Emperor.

The next day, after the three girls of the Han Clan had walked into the main hall of the Purple Soul Hall, the female disciples of the Purple Soul Hall entered the wide hall as well.

The disciples were also aware of rumors that were going around.

Initially, they didn't quite believe that the rumors were true, but after they heard certain undeniable things, and when they noticed that Joy was gone, they concluded that Joy had run away with Thad.

Joy was the sole reason the Purple Soul Hall existed, and her being a Demi-holy Being strengthened the Purple Soul Hall.

Since Joy had offended Nicholas, it was a mere dream for her to return to the Floa

rohibited to leave the island and were strictly guarded all the time.

In the side hall of the fairy palace, the hemline of Joy's light purple dress fluttered even when there was no wind.

She recited the words repetitively.

As a Demi-holy Being, she could imprint these ten thousand words in her mind at a glance, but when the next thought came to her, the words in her mind would vanish, and she couldn't remember them anymore.

If she wanted to memorize the Truth of Godly Way, she could only utter the words one by one, and as long as she could hang on for more words, she could retain more of them.

It was not easy even for a Demi-holy Being to completely learn the Truth of Godly Way in a short time.

On the first day, she could recite only 1, 700 words.

The next day, she could enumerate 3, 200 words.

Things became more complicated as she went on.

The more words she accumulated, the more difficult it was for her to recite.

It was not difficult to recite the words, but rather to comprehend the true meaning of the mind method.

In the void sea, at the end of the Godly Ways, the Truth of Godly Way was like a small boat that would lead her to the other shore. The process of understanding the Truth of Godly Way was the process of climbing onto that boat.

By the fifteenth day, she was able to recite about 4, 700 words in one go, almost half of the Truth of Godly Way.

After she finished reading the words, her eyes sparkled with excitement and her face beamed with delight.

She felt as if she had caught a slight opportunity, got the key point, and held one side of the boat.

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