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   Chapter 2391 Limited Justice

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In just a short while, Lowell was able to completely devour the piece of slate. He then clasped his hands and stood up.

A trace of helplessness appeared in his eyes as he looked at the mid-rank True God's corpse.

All of this went totally against nature.

However, since he had chosen this road, his belief had now become stronger and there was no way he was going to change. Everything he did went towards his goal. Anything or anyone that stood in his way would be eliminated.

"From a whole point of view, you... died for this battered boat," he murmured.

Just as he was about to leave, a very small and very weak voice spoke from behind him.

"Help, help me..."

The sound made Lowell frown.

He turned around and noticed a tiny hole on the wall. It seemed the sound was coming from there.

"A high-level breath-restraining technique? Or are you using a special treasure that helps you restrain your breath?"

There was no way he would miss a living person on the other side of the wall. The only explanation for this was that the person's hiding skill was exceptional and ingenious.

A strong killing intent appeared within Lowell's eyes as he lightly patted the wall.

His touch was light but it was enough to make the stone collapse.

A compartment was revealed behind the wall, as high as half a person. A girl, around fifteen to sixteen years of age, was curled up inside.

The girl was covered with tulle and she held onto her legs for warmth. Her entire body was littered with bruises and dust but she was surprisingly pretty. However, despite her beauty, her eyes looked dead and she looked more like an abandoned doll than a person.

"This layer of tulle..."

Lowell reached down and took off the tulle that covered her. "It is a very rare treasure. It might not be possible for even a first-tier clan to own it..."

"Help me, please..."

the girl pleaded again.

"Did you see that?" Lowell stared at the girl and asked.

The girl quickly shook her head. "I didn't see anything!"

Hearing this, Lowell smiled. "You're lying. I can't save you. Goodbye."

Leaving the girl there, Lowell leapt up and climbed onto the patio, disappearing before her eyes.

His disappearance crushed any hope that remained

sensed what was about to happen, a trace of sadness once again appeared on her face. "You want to kill me, don't you?" she asked Lowell, looking at him straight in the eye.

"Yes," he replied emotionlessly.

Had she been from a small clan then he might've been able to save her.

However, she was a member of the Dongfang Clan which completely changed everything.

A look of grief crossed over Iris Dongfang's beautiful features and she could only let her eyes speak for her as she looked at Lowell sadly. He put his hand on her forehead and all she could feel was the coldness of his fingers.

"I can swear by my inner demon...

I will always follow what you say.

I won't resist or disclose your secret. Please,"

she continued pleading with him.

Lowell practiced the Justice Godly Way and was someone who pursued the idea of justice supremacy, but the concept of justice itself was split between absolute and limited. Even in the debate over the Godly Ways, there was no right conclusion.

Limited justice would dictate he kill her for the greater good of more people.

However, according to absolute justice, there was absolutely no reason for him to kill her.

Lowell looked at her eyes as he battled himself internally.

She did not say anything and merely looked back at him pitifully.


Lowell heaved a sigh. "Be with me from now on. Swear by your inner demon and I will not kill you."

Iris Dongfang nodded and smiled up at him like a child in relief.

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