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   Chapter 2390 Eat The Slate

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Occasionally, there were disputes between the powerful clans in the divine land, but rarely did they ever turn into a large-scale war.

Wealthy clans on the Time Sea meant to maintain the stability of the entire divine land.

The divine land had a large number of divine cities, most of them having been controlled by the first and second-tier clans—they usually belonged to those wealthy clans on the Floating Islands.

So the various wealthy clans on the Floating Islands actually took control of ninety percent of the divine cities through these first and second-tier clans.

The Jade Bone Divine City trapped in the crater was a medium-sized divine city. Protecting it was a Hundred Commandments Slate. The Jade Bone Divine City was originally controlled by the He Clan, a second-tier clan.

But it had to pay its dues to the Ru Clan, a first-tier clan, in divine might coins.

The Ru Clan was situated near the Ray Tree.

And this was in the eastern part of the divine land.

The sun rose in the east, rising right above the Ray Tree every day.

As one of the four great divine trees in the divine land, this tree was over trillions of years old, having experienced countless changes over time.

Now, it was occupied by the Dongfang Clan.

Relying on the Ray Tree, the Dongfang Clan managed to gain control over hundreds of regions, hundreds of thousands of divine cities, countless divine citizens, proving godly warriors, True Gods, and so on.

Some of the first-tier clans that had Demi-holy Beings were to submit themselves wholly to the Dongfang Clan's rule.

No one dared offend it.

A Jade Bone Divine City was nothing to the Dongfang Clan, but the entire divine city suddenly disappeared. Such a strange matter had drawn the Dongfang's attention.

And this was why a team was exploring it.

"Be careful. Let's observe the surroundings first," one of the mid-rank True Gods in the team said cautiously, examining the environment.

"That's right, who knows what kind of power had caused this divine city to collapse?"

Even if a divine city were to collapse, it would be impossible for all those True Gods to perish. Although most of them couldn't fly, even with a collapse, injury was nearly impossible.

But an eerie silence now washed over the Jade Bone Divine City.

The sunlight coming in from outside the crater was a thin veil that covered the divine city. One couldn't clearly see the entire city in this light. In fact, it grew even stranger and more mysterious.

"Stop observing. We need to hurry up!" the young man said as he turned around, flashing a brilliant smile.


iece and swallowed each chunk.

The fire starter went out and the black and red scutigers were crawling towards him now. Seeing this, Lowell lit up another fire starter before he continued eating the Hundred Commandments Slate.


A series of screams rang out in the Jade Bone Divine City.

Right when the mid-rank True Gods entered the divine city, they were attacked by the black and red scutigers.

The scutigers' poison was truly terrible. Once bitten by them, even a mid-rank True God could die within seconds.

In the blink of an eye, over twenty mid-rank True Gods were poisoned to death.

Numerous scutigers formed a sea in black and red, blocking all the retreat roads.

The only path left was the one Lowell had created with the fire starter. And so the remaining True Gods had no choice but to charge towards the center of the city aimlessly.


Only one of the mid-rank True Gods managed to get rid of the scutigers—he rushed to the central pavilion of the divine city and passed through the wall.

When he lowered his head, something incredible came into view.

"Lowell, what… what are you eating?"

Half of the Hundred Commandments Slate had already been gobbled up. Lowell raised his head rather cryptically and smiled as he said, "The slate! Do you want some?"

"Who the hell are you?" The mid-rank True God seemed to have sensed something off.

"Who am I? Let's say I tell you. Then what? What can you do? You can't go back now anyway…" Lowell merely shook his head and continued gnawing on the slate.

The mid-rank True God felt some kind of pain in his back followed by a powerful numbness. In the next moment, his entire body lost consciousness before he was covered by a dense pack of scutigers.

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