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   Chapter 2389 The Fallen Divine City

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Wind blew through Lavender's gossamer hair as she ran to Zen at an extremely fast speed. When she was finally a meter away from him, she flung her slender and delicate body against his muscular chest quite hard that it pushed him out of the training tower.

The impact of their collision even threw off Letitia's hand that grasped his arm.

At that moment, everyone looked at them with varying expressions.

For instance, Aura covered her mouth in surprise at Lavender's openness.

Geoffrey's jaws dropped as he stared blankly at the scene outside the door.

And Letitia frowned deeply before looking fully angry. She quickly went into the training tower and slammed the door with a bang. Then, she turned to Geoffrey and shouted, "What are you looking at! It's not a sight a child should see!"

"It just happened right before my eyes! I cannot choose not to look at it!" refuted Geoffrey as he pursed his lips. "What's more, I'm already sixteen years old..."

The young Geoffrey had grown up in the Cloud Hall, where he had a few playmates during his childhood.

Later on, Zen had been worried about his families' safety, so he took Geoffrey in to the fairy palace, where the young boy's life had changed dramatically.

Although he kept himself busy with deciphering the Sanskrit words and practicing the spear, he was still young and energetic, especially when he reached the age of puberty when his blood ran hot often. He was curious about everything in the world and hoped to take a trip outside the fairy palace.

He had mentioned it to his mother several times, but Letitia rejected him with the excuse that he was too young.

In reality, Geoffrey couldn't leave the fairy palace as their living conditions didn't allow it.

If the enchanted barrier of the fairy palace was opened, all of them would have to hide in the training tower. Otherwise, they would break into life vitality and disappear in this world.

That was the secondary creatures' limitation. It was impossible to get rid of it if one did not have powerful theurgies. Even Zen still had to comprehend Godly Ways to secretly enter the divine land. And so, there was no way that Geoffrey could go to the divine land.

Moreover, returning to the Evolutionary Universe definitely wasn't easy.

Now that the fairy palace's transmission node was tied to Zen's mountain token, if they wanted to enter the Evolutionary Universe, they had to go over a vast distance and find the entrance to the Evolutionary Universe themselves before they could enter it.

That was why the moment Letitia and the others entered the fairy palace was equivalent to them setting foot on an isolated island. If they left the lone island, none of them would be able to survive.

The Demon Night didn't have so much etiquette as the humans did, so Lavender wasn't as reserved as most human women.

She missed Zen, so she expressed her

Yet according to the contents of the Golden Sanskrit words, he discovered that those extraordinary creatures were not as mysterious as he had imagined. There were halls and complex social relationships in their world. They would also die; there were also powerful warriors among them, and they also revered those who were more powerful than them.

Geoffrey and Zen also exchanged ideas and discoursed. Although the young boy didn't have a high cultivation level yet, he had gained plenty of knowledge from the library. He was broad-minded and intelligent. It was even likely that many True Gods who had lived for so many divine eras couldn't compare to him in that regard.

And at night, Zen spent his time wonderfully with his wives and enjoyed the land of warmth and tenderness.

On the first day, he had offended Letitia, and she didn't talk to him for a full day. She was full of jealousy, and it took him a long time to make her laugh through tears.

Meanwhile, things brewed differently in the east of the divine land.

Dozens of people dressed in jet black cloaks swiftly moved forward across the endless desert.

It turned out that all those cloaked beings were mid-rank True Gods.

The one at the helm had a long sword that hung from his back. He was tall and moved in a steady pace.

Under his lead, the group of True Gods soon found a crater that was over ten million feet deep in the desert.

One by one, the True Gods in black cloaks slid down the crater. After all of them were in, they were surprised to see where they ended up.

"It's the Jade Bone Divine City."

"The entire Jade Bone Divine City had been destroyed. What on earth has happened?"

The leader of their group stepped forward and lifted his cloak's hood to reveal a heroic-looking face. He glanced indifferently at the ruins in front of him and coldly ordered, "Let's find the slate first."

Then, he took the lead and went forward.

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