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   Chapter 2388 Spar With Lavender

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Geoffrey's expression spelled mischief.

Looking at the kid made Zen's heart sigh. Compared to Geoffrey's carefree life now, when Zen was sixteen years old, the responsibilities he carried weighed so heavily on his shoulders.

It was also the pressure put on by his father that made the burden so much as he moved on.

Zen assumed that Geoffrey was not an integral part in his father's plan, so Zen hoped that he could grow up happily.

"Um?" Joy's smile became wider. "What do you want? If I have what you want, I will give it to you."

"I want a spear!" Geoffrey said excitedly.

Zen scrunched his nose..

"A spear?"

Letitia smiled lightly. "Geoffrey is really obsessed with practicing spear techniques. He often goes to the training tower to spar with Lavender."

"He can spar with Lavender?" That was new.

In the past, Zen had never seen Geoffrey ever show any talent or inclination in martial arts. Even now, his cultivation had just reached the Internal Elixir Realm. There was still a long way to go before he could reach the Life and Death Realm and form his Soul Sea.

In the past, Zen didn't have much resources. He had to rely on himself for everything.

However, Letitia and the rest of his family had already made preparations before they entered the fairy palace. These resources in the fairy palace were also at their disposal, so they didn't need to worry about it any longer

Geoffrey's cultivation speed was rather slow.

Letitia smiled at him again. "It's just a spar."

"Even if it's only a spar, how could he spar with Lavender?" Zen asked, eyes trained at Geoffrey.

While Lavender's spear technique was not complicated, it was extremely terrifying. He found it hard to imagine how the two sparred with each other.

"Dad, you're always underestimating me!" Geoffrey scowled and glared at Zen. "If it isn't for the fact that Aunt Lavender's spear is too good, I might have been able to win against her. I've even asked Livingston to make a few spears for me, but they are still not as good as the one Aunt Lavender has!"

Zen raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

The Saint Killing Spear Lavender wielded was the sacred object of the Demon Night.

No matter how excellent the spears refined by Livingston were, it would still be difficult for them to match Lavender's Saint Killing Spear. Geoffrey crossed his arms and huffed but said no more.

Beside them, Joy cleared her throat. "I don't use weapons. I have some spears, but..."

As she spoke, she gently waved her hand, and seven spears appeared. Wit

ender took everything she did seriously. As she focused on sparring with Geoffrey, she paid no attention to the door at all. "How could it be that Livingston's weapon refining skills have improved so fast?" she asked curiously. "This spear... was not refined by him, was it?"

Livingston had made several spears for Geoffrey in the past but Geoffrey was unable to protect the spears with his life vitality. All of them broke shortly after Geoffrey used them against Lavender.

As Geoffrey casually thrust his spear into the air, it made a whistling noise as if the air was being pierced through!

This was the divine land and even Lavender couldn't have achieved this. However, Geoffrey did that easily. The spear in his hand was by no means an ordinary weapon. It was even much stronger than the Saint Killing Spear in Lavender's hand.

"No way can he make such a weapon," snorted Geoffrey.. "Master Joy gave it to me! Hahaha!"

Lavender was taken aback. "Joy? Someone came to the fairy palace?"

"Yes," Geoffrey nodded. "My father brought her!"

Hearing this, Lavender looked towards the door subconsciously. She was not in the mood to spar with Geoffrey anymore.

As if on cue, Lavender caught sight of Zen by the door.

At this moment, Geoffrey had already hit out with his spear and it was too late for him to take it back.

Lavender pursed her lips. Without looking, she flipped her hand and grabbed the tip of the Space Spear. With a pull, the Space Spear flew away from Geoffrey's hand. It shot towards one side and nailed itself on the wall with a clang.

"Aunt Lavender, you're cheating..." Geoffrey's words fell on deaf ears as

Lavender charged at Zen at full speed.

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