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"The end of the Godly Ways is an endless ocean..."

Zen was taken aback when he heard this. His gaze fell on Geoffrey's writing.

When he read the words in his mind, he indeed had a very wonderful feeling.

This feeling consumed him such that his soul couldn't bear it any more. Was that the so-called Truth of Godly Way?

"So you mean, there are many kinds of Truths of Godly Ways? Similar to the Godly Ways?" Zen repeated.

Joy shook her head. "Actually, it's the opposite," she replied.

The divine land had been in existence for countless years.

The Holy Beings had refined their Godly Ways to the hilt and built their own universes. After that, they began to explore the chaos outside the divine land, hoping to achieve a bigger breakthrough.

Some Holy Beings had traveled through the chaos and found that it was empty.

It was a boundless place where only grayish brown chaos could be seen. No strange civilization was to be found there.

Some persistent Holy Beings wandered around in the chaos for hundreds of divine eras, but still found nothing. Despite traveling significant distances, in the end, they had to return disappointed.

They failed in the exploration of space, and in the exploration of Godly Ways too.

A warrior reached the end of the Godly Way only when their Godly Way reached the consummation. At the end of the Godly Way lay an endless ocean. All Holy Beings and consummate True Gods had spent lots of time and energy exploring this ocean, but they weren't able to gain any insights from it.

Therefore, the Godly Ways in the divine land had begun to develop all sorts of bizarre theurgies beyond ways, and warriors now practiced the double Godly Tile and mixed Godly Ways.

Apart from these, no other notable breakthroughs had been made.

"Later on, Armand Yan, the Demi-holy Being of the Yan Clan, received two golden Sanskrit words completely by accident. These two words were extremely rare. And the Yan Clan had spent a great deal of time and paid a high price trying to decode them. Finally, they were able to decipher the words and comprehend the Truth of Godly Way," Joy said. "But nobody knew how this piece of news was leaked. The Yan Clan was destroyed because of this."

"The Yan Clan had a Demi-holy Being, and yet it was destroyed?" Zen gasped in disbelief.

Joy explained, "Actually, the Truth of Godly Way recorded in the two golden Sanskrit words that Armand Yan deciphered might be incomplete, but it

a rest first, Geoffrey?" Letitia asked.

"Mom, you know these words. As long as you don't read them or think about them, you'll be fine," the boy assured his mother casually.

When Geoffrey had deciphered the golden Sanskrit words for the first time, he had uncovered the secrets hidden in them. It wouldn't be a problem if he didn't read these words together. But once these words were read together, he would become dizzy.

This was the reason why Geoffrey would only decipher a single golden Sanskrit word at a time. This way, he would not feel the pressure.

Geoffrey studied the white paper with a look of concentration on his face. He held a brush in his hand and began to write something down.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

No one spoke as they watched Geoffrey. The young man in white was still writing with quick and smooth movements.

About an hour later, he had written down many words!

Zen was gratified to see his son's achievement.

After Geoffrey had written down all of them, Joy couldn't resist the temptation any longer. She looked at Zen and asked, "Can I see the mind method of Truth of Godly Way written by your son?"

Before Zen could answer, Geoffrey pursed his mouth and said in a disgruntled manner, "It was me who wrote this mind method. Master Joy, you should ask me!"

When she saw the look on his face, Joy smiled. "Okay. Can I have a look at it, Geoffrey?" she requested.

"Of course you can! I'm not so narrow-minded," said Geoffrey, shrugging his shoulders. "But you will have to give me something if you want to get something from me."

"Hey!" Zen was at a loss whether to laugh or to be angry.

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