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   Chapter 2386 Sea Of Truth

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As a Demi-holy Being in the divine land, regardless of strength or horizon, Joy was at the top level. Not many things could shock her to such an extent.

A look of curiosity appeared on Zen's face as he asked, "Truth of Godly Way? What is it, exactly?"

Joy didn't reply to Zen's question. Her gaze swept over the handwriting and the strange look in her eyes became more obvious. What was more, there was even a glimmer of excitement shining in her eyes.

After a brief moment, she said, "Read the words, please."

"What? Read them?" Zen asked, confused.

Immortal Book beside them giggled aloud and said, "It's difficult to read such words. The young master can't read them, so I'm afraid that it's even less likely for the master to..."

Despite hearing the words with his own ears, Zen was unconvinced.

Was Immortal Book trying to say that, in his heart, Geoffrey had surpassed his father?

"Then I'll give it a try!" Zen interrupted.

He looked at the white papers, which were lined up in a row, and scanned the words with his eyes.

These words were what Geoffrey had previously deciphered from the golden Sanskrit words. They had been written by using a writing brush. If one were to look at each word separately, they'd almost appear as nothing more than good works of calligraphy.

As Zen scanned the words one by one and rearranged their order in his mind, a faint sense of discomfort rose in his heart and as his eyes widened, his pupils dilated slightly too.

"These words!"

He was too stunned to complete his sentence.

"Read!" Joy smiled peacefully as she urged Zen along.

Zen squinted his eyes a little and he began to read the words aloud.

"The nature of the cultivation method is to reach eternity with strong will. The natural laws couldn't be comprehended through common methods. If..."

Surprisingly enough, these sentences weren't unintelligible to Zen.

As he followed his thoughts in order to read the words aloud, a subtle feeling washed over him.

This feeling was similar to what Zen had felt back when he was cultivating the Godly Ways. There were certain mysterious and complex meanings hidden amongst the words, but their meaning was actually more complicated than that of the Godly Ways themselves.

At first, Zen didn't have too much difficulty speaking the words.

However, as time went on, he felt more and more stressed with every word that escaped his mouth.

Once he'd read over one hundred words, he felt his tongue going numb. Once he'd gotten through two hundred words, his tongue started flicking and he spoke with a lisp, as if he was drunk. His head began to feel dizzy. After five hundred words, he could feel the very depths of his soul shaking.

Joy did nothing but look at Zen react and smile.

When Zen had finished reading out eight hundred words, he had a faint hallucination.

He felt as thou

the end of that path."

As they listened to Joy speak, Letitia, Freya and the other girls fell silent.

Currently, they were only at the Soul Sea Realm. There was still a long way to go before they could even think about reaching the end of the martial arts path.

Whether in the universe or in the divine land, the end of martial arts was the level of world lords. This was also the proving godly warriors' level.

After reaching this level, if the warrior wanted to step further, they had to master the Godly Ways and become True Gods.

"What awaits us after the end of the Godly Ways?" Joy asked Zen out of the blue, fixing her gaze on him.

"Holy Beings," Zen answered flatly.

Joy refused his answer, shaking her head from side to side. "No," she said firmly.

"Who is more powerful than a Holy Being?" she asked anew. Zen's face filled even more with confusion.

Through the clues he had obtained in the past, Zen was aware that other, more advanced creatures existed within the chaos.

However, as Holy Jay had said, he himself didn't even know these creatures' forms. To put it simply, he didn't know whether extraordinary creatures were humans or ghosts. Having never seen them himself in fact, he didn't even know if they truly existed.

Holy Jay had studied the golden Sanskrit deeply, and presumably, he had a more profound understanding of it than Joy. It was only normal for his prediction to be more reliable.

Moreover, even Holy Bromley's adventure indicated that the whole of the chaos was most likely empty.

Zen's knowledge was confined within this wide and extensive divine land. Never had he allowed himself to imagine that, in this world, someone would be even stronger than a Holy Being.

"The end of the Godly Ways is a boundless ocean." Joy's eyes grew darker. "The ocean is filled with a perfect understanding of Godly ways, which is otherwise called the Sea of Truth."

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