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   Chapter 2384 A Small Misunderstanding

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After Zen and Joy left for a period of time, ripples appeared at the edge of the lake from the colorful circle of light.

As the ripples spread, Troy jumped out and landed steadily next to the lake.

He immediately looked around and a glimmer of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Soon, Shahn, Walton, Rachelle, Alfredo, and the other consummate True Gods stepped out of the circle of light one after the other.

"This is not the Time Sea!" Walton observed, looking at the great lake.

Shahn glanced at Walton. "Isn't this nonsense?"

"That guy must have escaped from the Time Sea," Troy said with a frown. "But with the amount of strength he has, it's impossible for him to escape from the Time Sea all by himself..." Troy took a few steps toward the striking black lake as he spoke.

Then, he reached his iron hand out to the surface of the lake and tapped it.

His iron hand, which had been shining with silver light all along, instantly turned black. A resolute expression appeared in Troy's eyes as he said, "Our Holy Emperor has taken action, and even wounded a Holy Being with his Destructive Poisonous Hand. I don't know who the Holy Being was, but it should have been the one who helped that guy escape."

"You mean that Holy Nicholas has made a move?" Shahn's eyes flashed.

Troy nodded. "Yes. But although I can't figure out who that Holy Being is, I know that this Holy Being has been heavily injured."

"We'll know everything as soon as we get back. But first, we'll have to find out exactly where we are in the divine land," Shahn said.

The divine land was too vast. Holy Beings could travel through the place at will, but the distance that a consummate True God could teleport was limited in comparison.

"Why do you keep silent?" Walton looked at Rachelle curiously.

During these three days, she had been unusually silent and depressed.

Swish! Shahn spread his fan open and said, "A mere low-rank True God managed to control the jade seal, but it was only with luck and arrogance. I hope you won't let your state of mind be affected by this."

Everyone who had become consummate True Gods in the divine land had only managed to do so after having their state of mind thoroughly tempered. How could they take a little humiliation to heart?

"No, it's not that..."

Rachelle looked up at the sky and gazed at the clouds that were slowly floating in the air. "Before I entered the jade seal, I had a hunch that if I missed that opportunity, I would never be able to kill him... I'm afraid there will be no such chance in the future."

Hearing this, Shahn and Walton burst into laughter.

"How is that possible? Th

woman. More importantly, she exuded an extremely strong aura, which, though plain, instilled a strong sense of fear in anyone who met her.

It was impossible for Letitia to figure out the woman's cultivation level, but she faintly felt that this woman was probably the strongest person she had ever seen.

What annoyed Letitia the most was that the aura she sensed from this woman was somewhat like Margaret's!

When Imogen noticed Letitia's expression, she heavily knocked her walking stick onto the ground and gave a cold snort while pulling a long face.

If it were not the fact that she had sensed the unfathomable cultivation level of the woman, she would have asked, "How dare you bring back a bitch?" right to Zen's face.

When Zen noticed the change in Letitia's expression, he became embarrassed.

Of course, it was impossible for Joy to not notice their reactions, but she continued standing near Zen with a smile on her face.

With her status and temperament, there was no way she would explain anything.

"Tia, this is a friend of my father," Zen said.

Although Joy had never explicitly stated the kind of relationship with Zen's father, Mike, Zen had been able to read between the lines. However, since she was a Demi-holy Being, it was impossible for him to address her with any inappropriate titles.

Hearing this, all the women were slightly shocked.

Although their cultivation levels lagged far behind Zen's, their horizons had broadened during the time they had spent with Zen. They had a certain understanding of the structure and hierarchy of the divine land and the origins of the universes.

Zen's father was the creator of the universe, a Holy Being of the divine land. So, they wondered if this woman was also a Holy Being.

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