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   Chapter 2383 Let Them Go

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The black spears aimed at the crowd, turning all the faces of the consummate True Gods ghastly pale.

Even Walton, who was lazily lying down, stood up and stared at Zen.

These consummate True Gods had witnessed the power of the black spears before.

Both Mikail Sword, the consummate True God of the Sword Clan, and Troy had been shot by those spears before. Mikail Sword had instantly died when the black spear pierced him.

Troy, on the other hand, had been fortunate enough to survive, but even though he had recuperated for a long time, the wound caused by the black spear still hadn't healed completely.

When these fatal countless black spears shot out, how would all the consummate True Gods escape?

Rachelle didn't speak. She still held the machete tightly, unwilling to admit defeat.

She was far more stubborn than ordinary people, and she would not yield even when facing death.

At this moment, her body bent slightly and a great surge of power went through her long and slender legs. She leaped high in the sky, taking the arc of a parabola as the machete in her hand came at Zen's head.


Zen smiled faintly before he disappeared.

Rachelle's machete missed its target and landed on the ground. Before she could steady herself, Zen reappeared in front of her again.

But this time, he had a handful of sand in his hand.

When he saw Rachelle come up again to attack him, he threw the sand at her.


The thin lines of sand swept off Rachelle's wrist, leaving bloody cuts. The impact of the sand also made the machete fly out of her hand.

Seeing this, Shahn and Walton rushed over.

Bang! Bang...

They had barely taken a few steps when two black spears shot out and pierced the ground in front of them.

They instantly froze.

The time in the area that the spears had pierced passed quickly and the originally fine sand turned into dust.


Since she didn't have the machete in her hand anymore, Rachelle abruptly turned around and released another surge of power, aiming straight at Zen's face with her knees!

She had almost unleashed all of the power of the nine stars in her body. There weren't many people in the divine land who would be able to resist this blow.


Zen just raised his hand and casually deflected her attack.

Then, without missing a beat, he released his own surge of power, knocking Rachelle's body to the ground.

After that, handfuls of sa

. I wonder what's happening outside. Let's talk about it after we get out of here three days later," said Troy, shaking his head.

When Zen returned from the jade seal, he told Joy, "Everything is arranged. They will soon escape from that circle of light. We can't stay here for too long."

Three days in the jade seal was only equivalent to an hour in the divine land.

Joy nodded her head. She planned to leave this place with Zen again using the Grand Teleportation.

Zen took out a token and said, "Although the divine land is vast, there are still some risks. Why don't we just hide in the fairy palace for some time?"

Zen had been in the divine land for a while now, but he had never returned to the fairy palace during this time.

Joy looked at the mountain token in Zen's hand and raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Bromley's fairy palace in the Swirl Forest?"

Zen nodded.

She thought for a while before nodding back in agreement.

Although Bromley's fairy palace was not unbreakable, it was indeed a good place to temporarily take refuge in.

Once Joy agreed, Zen activated the mountain token in his hand.

Soon, the surrounding space started to vibrate slowly.

The space in the divine land was several times stronger than that of the universes.

In the universes, it only took him a split second to enter the fairy palace, and it was convenient. But in the divine land, it was difficult for the mountain token to break through space. It was only after about half a minute that the mountain token dragged him and Joy into a space channel.

Soon after, they appeared at the gate of the fairy palace.

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