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   Chapter 2382 Who Spared The Other's Life

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Zen's original intentions were to enter the Everest Spirit Mountain after traveling through the Time Sea Forbidden Land.

Despite his plans, after these encounters, he was left with no other option but to threaten the consummate True Gods' lives. Unexpectedly, the Holy Beings didn't seem to mind them in the least.

In fact, Zen almost lost out to them.

Of course, the lives of the consummate True Gods were of little value to the Holy Beings.

Joy swallowed the pill in a single gulp, tilting her head back with force. A trace of purple aura, like a slithering snake, circled her body rhythmically before finally penetrating the wounds in her waist.

As Joy took the time to heal herself, her pretty eyes fell on the small black snake in Zen's hand. It wasn't before long that she noticed that Zen's expression gradually became unfriendly. "Let them go right after I recover from my injury. We will leave here immediately afterward," she said faintly.

"Why would I let them go?" Zen asked, frowning slightly.

A few of the consummate True Gods within the jade seal might have been innocent, but most of them had a grudge against Zen and even wanted to kill him. Notably warriors like Rachelle and Walton.

Though Troy had stopped Rachelle from killing him in the forbidden land, he didn't do it to help Zen. He just wanted to hand Zen off to Nicholas, who would dispose of him properly.

It was only normal that he didn't want to let the consummate True Gods go that easily.

"If you really do kill these consummate True Gods, the Holy Beings will never let you go," added Joy, in a matter of fact tone.

"Joy, do you really think the Holy Beings will let me go if I don't kill the consummate True Gods?" Zen's gaze and expression were completely frozen as he asked this question.

With her beautiful eyes coldly fixed on Zen, Joy said with a smile, "You are Mike's son, but you're nothing more than a low-rank True God after all. You're not powerful enough to cause a group of Holy Beings to hunt you down. But, if you kill the consummate True Gods, that'll be a different story..."

As he listened to Joy speak, Zen fell into deep thought.

Joy was right.

In those Holy Beings' eyes, like Nicholas', Zen was just a speck of dust in the air. He wasn't even highly qualified enough to make them become serious.

Although Nicholas knew that Zen was Mike's son, he was still willing to accept him as a disciple. Perhaps he had another motive, but one way or another, it demonstrated that Zen's identity really had very little importance.

"If you can help your father fulfill his wishes and revive the Luo Clan in the future, then these consummate True Gods will become nothing more than ants in your eyes, too. More so, taking their lives will be a piec

before it collapsed with a loud crash.

"Having any fun?"

Zen's voice rang out again.

In the blink of an eye, another five sand sculptures formed, all identical to Zen. All five sculptures gathered beside Rachelle.

Rachelle wasn't tolerating the provocation whatsoever. She began swinging her machete anew.

As soon as she crushed these sand sculptures though, more and more sand sculptures rose to life. The sand in the desert was endless. How could she destroy them all if they kept coming?

Rachelle couldn't stop herself from shouting, "If you have the ability, show your real body! Why the hell are you sneaking around like a coward?"

"Why not?"

With that, Zen quietly appeared behind the light curtain, hovering in midair leisurely.

It was impossible to fly in this world! How did he manage such a feat?

The only person who had actually seen Zen flying was Alfredo, but he didn't provide this clue to the other consummate True Gods.

As a result, the consummate True Gods' expressions changed greatly as they took notice of the scene, too.

Troy's face darkened. The sand had naturally gathered and formed. Now that Zen was floating in thin air, everyone knew he had a very high control over this world. It was safe to say that Zen could rule everyone's life and death in this space.


With a sudden slash from her machete, Rachelle snapped, "Hand over the jade seal and I'll spare your life!"

She was impetuous and enjoyed killing, but she didn't think before acting as much as Troy did.

Zen raised his hand gently. The dense black spears on the light curtain were like beady snake heads that were raised slowly. They aimed at the great group of consummate True Gods, including Rachelle. The corners of Zen's mouth curled into a smile, and he said, "I wonder who's going to spare the other's life now?"

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