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   Chapter 2381 Resting And Healing

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Nicholas' grab was so powerful and intense that it left deep marks on Joy's body.

Although she was badly injured, Joy managed to drag Zen out of the Time Sea and brought him to the seaside.

The petal that was lodged between Zen's eyebrows continued to shine brightly. It emitted a diamond-like pattern that engulfed them both.

"Come on! Let's leave!"


With that, they left as fast as they could.

If they moved only once, the Holy Beings could sense their movements through the fluctuations in the space and even locate their general direction and position.

However, because of the silence in the entire divine land, it was a remote possibility.

However, Nicholas had hidden a lot of skills from everyone. Joy was extremely careful once she seized the chance to escape.

During the silent period, she had used the Grand Teleportation four times consecutively

Estelle could not make the entire divine land silent for a long time.

Five seconds was all the time she could offer!

The Floating Islands above the Time Sea began to descend during the silent period.

The Luo Clan's Floating Island almost reached the surface of the Time Sea.

However, once the silent period was over, the divine texture arrays hidden among the Floating Islands began to function at a normal pace. Once all the islands started to ascend, all the True Gods on the Floating Islands released their pent-up breath.

Even if one island fell into the Time Sea, the consequences would be unthinkable.

After the silent period passed, the boundless space in the entire divine land turned back to normal.

Although it was a short period, it still caused tremendous chaos.

Across the island, Nicholas stood still.

The energy that had been extracted from the Nine Divine Stars was constantly rolling within his body. Even though it was not released, it had already caused the space around him to bend. Anyone who saw him would get the illusion of a twisted body.

The island itself was enveloped in a deep depression.

Samuel squinted his eyes and finally looked relaxed.

Clark, Jeremiah and other Holy Beings, however, got up from the ground looking glum, for Zen not only ran away, but also took the jade seal and imprisoned a group of consummate True Gods.

The Holy Beings had never imagined that the end would be so drastic.

On the other hand, Nelly had a strange gleam in her eyes and seemed excited by the turn of events.

She had witnessed the petal shini

e went on, the black fog did not dissipate, but became more intense.

When Nicholas had grabbed her, Zen used the power of the jade seal to save her, but he still couldn't eliminate Nicholas's attack. It seemed that Nicholas had used some way to avoid this.

"The wounds..."

As soon as Zen started to speak, Joy shook her head, while she endured the pain. Later she stood up and walked towards the lake.

When she noticed that Zen had also followed her, she quickly stopped him and said, "Wait there! Don't come over here!"

When the clear water spread over her waist and touched the wounds, there was a hissing sound.

The clear water soon turned black, as her wounds continued to heal. Soon the lake transformed into a black and sinister-looking lake.

All the fish and other living beings residing within the lake died instantly. Even the beings within a100-foot radius were not spared.

"Such a powerful poison!" Zen's eyes flashed as he exclaimed.

After soaking herself for a little more time, she came out ashore. She glanced at Zen with a pale face and said, "I'll heal myself first."

Zen had planned to take her to the fairy palace. He remembered that there were many pills in his master's pill refining room which would help in healing her wounds.

However, as soon as she sat on the ground, she took out a colorful pill. It looked like a pill that was refined at least seven times.

Seeing this scene, Zen didn't say anything but quietly stood aside. Then he turned his palm and looked at the little black snake. He frowned. Now that he had safely escaped from the Time Sea, how should he deal with these consummate True Gods?

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