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   Chapter 2380 The Entire Divine Land Fell Into Silence

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The Holy Beings looked at Zen with cold eyes.

In the entire divine land, they were known to be the most powerful figures. One of the things they hated the most was being threatened.

They wanted to witness how Nicholas would deal with a Demi-holy Being.

The moment Nicholas walked towards Zen and Joy, the female leader's body trembled slightly, and she had weirdly appeared in front of him in a flash without making any movement.

"You promised me that you won't make trouble on the Astronomical Transit Day," the female leader said with a slightly crisp voice.

Nicholas paused his step at her words with a foot lifted in the air. His slightly thick eyebrows furrowed and he answered back, "This is a special case."

"Is there always a special case when you want to make trouble?" the female leader of the Sun Blind race asked.

"Yes. So what? Are you trying to stop me? Or do you think you can stop me?" Nicholas' domineering aura expanded in his breezy momentum as he stared at the masked female leader.

It made the masked female leader go silent for a while.

She was in charge of the Time Sea Forbidden Land, but that didn't mean that she fully controlled the Time Sea.

Nicholas was not the owner of the Time Sea, but she didn't have the power to fight against him. She couldn't do anything to him.

"Get out of the way!" Nicholas said dryly.

The female leader had to move aside silently.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the divine land, a phenomenon occurred.

Thick dark clouds stretched over countless miles, and blotted out the sky completely covering the sun.

Even the strongest sunlight could not penetrate through the black clouds.

During the day, the black clouds gathered in silence.

But in the evening, the maintained silence was disturbed.

Thousands of souls had come back to life. The souls screamed, rolled, entangled and wrestled on the clouds. One divine era was like this, and so were a hundred divine eras.

Stronger souls swallowed up weaker ones, and the stronger souls could devour every other souls.

The primordial law of the jungle was incisively and vividly displayed in these thick dark clouds.

Some powerful souls occasionally would fall from the black clouds when they became strong enough. But another fierce competition awaited them. In the Soul Wilderness, the most common thing was the strong souls.

There stood a huge figure, moving from the thick black clouds

to the depths of the Soul Wilderness.

It was known as the Wilderness Giant.

The Wilderness Giant was completely shaped by souls.



Before he even had the time to react completely, he fell down involuntarily. His broad body was stretched out, creating a big crater in the ground.

Not far away, Nelly, Laquisha and the other True Gods had watched everything that transpired and were greatly shocked. It was beyond their expectation that a Holy Being could fall down so embarrassingly. They wanted to laugh, but they dared not for the situation was deemed serious.

Back to Nicholas, he steadily balanced his feet on the ground.

He already understood what had happened. In his universe, the nine stars were conjectured together like a necklace. In this form, the nine stars could gather the power at the fastest speed.

This time if the Faith Energy would be silenced, Nicholas had planned to make a move using his pure strength.

Although he reacted quickly, Estelle was much quicker to act. When Estelle lifted the Scepter of Gods' Silence, the small petal between Zen's eyebrows spread out.

The petal formed a unique diamond pattern covering a small area which exactly enveloped Joy and Zen.

This place was probably the only small piece of land that hadn't been silenced.

Joy, who was in desperation, had never thought that Zen would make such a move.

The moment the Holy Beings fell down in fast motion, Joy was back to her senses. Seeing Nicholas rushing toward them with a burst of strength, she quickly grabbed Zen once more. She even saw a glimpse of how Clark fell down awkwardly. She covered her mouth with one hand, and with a touch of irresistible smile in her voice, she said, "Let's go!"

Whoosh! Whoosh!

In the blink of an eye, the figures of Joy and Zen had disappeared without a trace from where they stood.

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