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   Chapter 2379 The Impasse

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Joy's pretty eyes quietly scanned Nicholas' face.

Zen was at Nicholas' disposal. He could kill Zen at any moment.

Zen took the lives of more than twenty consummate True Gods in exchange for his departure. This move of his made perfect sense, and as a low-rank True God, this was the best option he had.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

Joy heaved a deep sigh. She was aware that the Holy Beings would not agree to Zen's condition.

Suddenly, the dark sky was filled with light.

The head of the Sun Blind race, who had been silent all this time, said in a deep voice, "The Astronomical Transit Day is over."

The head of the Sun Blind race was least bothered about Zen's life. Even after he had acquired the jade seal and was being threatened by the Holy Beings, she had nothing to say.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The passageway that had formed in the middle of the nine pagodas began to disperse slowly.

The Holy Beings' attention suddenly shifted from Zen to the nine pagodas.

'Now, the time is right!'

Joy's eyes lit up with sheer determination. There was no way that she'd let Mike's son die here.

She jumped over on her tiptoes.

Purple circular fog spread out from her feet.

"Grand Purple Aura Technique! Purple Sky Land! Deluding Fog!"

The purple fog spread throughout the island before the True Gods and Holy Beings could do anything about it.

The fog transformed into numerous circular spaces, enveloping all the Holy Beings and True Gods in them.

All the Holy Beings were engulfed by the revolving circles of the purple fog. The moment they were immersed in the circles, it seemed as if the Space Law around them had completely changed. Each circle of the purple fog was an independent space, and all the senses that were connected to this world had disappeared.

"Has the Purple Sky Land descended? What is the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan doing?" a Holy Being asked with a frown.

"Joy, what are you up to?" Samuel shouted in desperation, his face pallid with fear.

Some Holy Beings just sneered, observin

intention to kill him.

As if he read Samuel's mind, Nicholas smiled at him breezily and said, "Samuel, why would the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan run away with this kid? Do pray tell."

Samuel's expression changed as he listened to Nicholas. His clenched fists loosened as he said awkwardly, "I am not sure why she did it!"

Nicholas gave a chilling laugh. He walked towards Joy and said loudly, "It's not your fault, Samuel. You were unaware of her motives. But you know me well. I hate being provoked. Don't blame me for the death of the Demi-holy Being of your clan."

Laquisha and Pascal threw hopeful glances at their father, expecting him to stop Nicholas.

'Aunt Joy is the Demi-holy Being of the Han Clan after all!

Father will save her, won't he?' they both thought.

Samuel's body went rigid as he stared at Nicholas.

Seeing Nicholas walk towards Joy, Samuel gave a nod of approval and said reluctantly, "That should be the case. Do what you must."

Laquisha was dumbfounded when she heard those words. She shouted, "Father! How can you do this to her?"

Aleyna's, Kelsey's, and Pascal's faces were worth watching. They glanced at Samuel, who was still in the air, unable to believe that he was such a coward.

There was nothing that Joy and Zen could do to save themselves. They helplessly watched as Nicholas approached them briskly.

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