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   Chapter 2378 A Useless Bargaining Chip

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Zen had admitted his identity in front of the Holy Beings in a straightforward manner.

And the True Gods immediately burst into an uproar.

"He is the son of Holy Mike!"

"No wonder he is so strong!"

"So what if he is the son of a Holy Emperor? Your father is a Holy Emperor, and so is mine!"

More than a third of the True Gods present were descendants of Holy Beings.

Outside of the Floating Islands, a child of a Holy Being was rare. But that wasn't the case on the Floating Islands.

In terms of strength, however, there was a huge gap between Zen and other descendants of the Holy Emperors.

Laquisha balled her hands into tight fists, her clothes soaking with sweat. She didn't know what Zen would have to face after admitting his true identity.

Nelly, on the other hand, was quite calm. She merely pursed her thin lips and frowned slightly.

"Okay. Mike's son is frank. Just as expected," Nicholas said appreciatively.

Zen stood still, his face a mask of calm.

"If you want to join our Dongfang Clan, I will put aside the conflict between Mike and me and accept you as my disciple. What do you think?" Nicholas said, smiling.

At this, many Holy Beings were confused, unable to understand what was on Nicholas' mind.

Previously, Nicholas had wanted to accept Zen as his disciple before he had known his real identity.

It was understandable because anyone would be willing to accept a genius like Zen as a disciple.

But he was Mike's son.

And Mike and Nicholas were enemies!

If he were to take Zen as a disciple, knowing his origin, wouldn't he be nurturing a snake in his bosom?

The True Gods were whispering among themselves.

"This guy is really lucky!"

"The Holy Emperor of the Dongfang Clan is willing to accept him as a disciple, regardless of previous grievances!"

"I thought he was dead for sure!"

Laquisha fixed her eyes on Zen and hoped that he would agree. Nicholas wasn't doing this out of goodwill, but it was the only choice Zen had.

But judging by what she knew of Zen's character, she was certain that he would reject Nicholas' offer.

Nicholas' words had surprised Zen as well. He looked up at him and said calmly, "It's an honor to be accepted as a disciple by the Holy Emperor of Dongfang Clan."

Nicholas nodded, looking as gentle as a spring breeze.

"Thank you for your kindness, Holy Nicholas, but I don't want it," Zen added.

As soo

ds the Holy Being and said, "Mikail was killed before I entered the jade seal. All that is left of him is a pile of bones."


The Holy Beings of the Sword Clan paled collectively.

"Given the chance, I will return his bones," Zen said calmly.

He didn't want to offend any other powerful clans on the Floating Islands.

"Young man, if you dare hurt Walton, even in the slightest of ways, I will not leave you alone," said Clark grimly.

"Then it all depends on whether you'll let me go. If I can leave safely from here, I'll ensure that these people are safe," Zen countered.

The Holy Beings fell silent. Some of them turned their gazes to Nicholas. Zen had become tricky to deal with after he had obtained the Jade Seal.

Did they really need to sacrifice so many consummate True Gods for the sake of one low-rank True God?

Joy was relieved at how the Holy Beings were reacting. She hadn't expected things to go so far.

Perhaps Zen could really escape from the Holy Beings by threatening them with the lives of the consummate True Gods.

As Joy contemplated this, Nicholas opened his mouth to speak. A mocking smile appeared on his face as he said, "As you said, you do have the lives of more than twenty consummate True Gods in your hands. But there's only one person of our Dongfang Clan who is under your control and that is Troy. I won't be threatened by anyone, and I don't care one bit what happens to him!"

Nelly and the three girls of Han Clan were shocked at this. Joy's heart sank as well.

Nicholas' words meant that the only bargaining chip Zen had was now of no use.

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