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   Chapter 2377 Facing The Holy Beings

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Zen's activation of the jade seal's ability made Nicholas frown.

There was a look of helplessness in his eyes, and his figure once again turned into a shadow to prevent himself from getting devoured by time.

"It's really true! This brat has erased a period of time!"

"This is the ability of the jade seal."

"I was able to sense it just now. There is a nine-second difference between my universe and the divine land. Has the jade seal reached its limit? It's already so intimidating!"

The flow of time in the universe was way faster than in the divine land, but it was still easy to calculate just how much time was devoured. Knowing such things was easy for Holy Beings.

These Holy Beings all gazed at Zen with passion burning in their eyes.

Despite the awesome effects in Zen's hands, the jade seal had yet to reveal its true power. At the hands of a Holy Being, its true potential could be further unfolded.

In nine seconds, the wielder of the jade seal would be invincible. A Holy Being who could obtain it would no doubt be able to do many glorious things. It was the kind of treasure that grew more powerful depending on its wielder.

Moreover, this was not the jade seal's limit!

There was unwillingness deep within Samuel's heart as he looked at the jade seal longingly. It was such a supreme treasure of belief that there was no way he would be willing to give it to Nicholas.

Unfortunately, he had no choice but to endure since he couldn't hold a candle to Nicholas.

Meanwhile, Zen and Nelly were both getting chased by countless Time Ghosts.

They ran at full-speed for about half a minute before finally emerging out of the Time Sea Forbidden Land's main road and walking towards the road created by the Water Luminous Star.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The Time Ghosts did not rush into the road and merely circled around the entrance.

Both warriors did not pay their pursuers any mind and continued to run, not stopping until they found a safe place.

After circling around for a while, the Time Ghosts eventually dispersed. Noticing this, Zen carefully made his way back and found the Golden Beast Statue that had been cut into pieces by the creatures. He picked the pieces up and merged them into one piece before going back towards the exit.

The two of them walked towards the exit of the Water Luminous Star.

Breathing deeply, Nelly took a good long look at Zen. "Good luck." She then walked forward and headed towards the

rk initially radiated. The flames on the flame throne quickly waned, completely doused by Jeremiah's chill.

"Clark, you are a guest here in the Astronomical Transit Day celebration. You cannot make any sudden moves here!" the head of the Sun Blind race warned.


Clark merely snorted in contempt before keeping silent.

It was then that Nicholas finally opened his mouth.

Compared to Clark's fiery personality, Nicholas was much more amiable.

Instead of berating Zen, Nicholas smiled at him. He was like a refreshing spring breeze as compared to Clark's suffocating fury.

"Your surname is Luo?" Nicholas asked.

"Yes," Zen replied.

"Are you Mike's son?" Nicholas asked again.

"Yes," Zen answered truthfully.

Back in the Time Sea Forbidden Land, Rachelle had been almost certain of his identity.

He could stir up trouble among the consummate True Gods, but there was no way he could deceive the Holy Beings. Zen saw it fit to just admit who he was instead of lying.

Joy sighed. 'He is very forthright, so much like his father. Although I want to take you away, I don't think I'll be able to in front of all of these Holy Beings.'

She had initially made her mind up to take Zen away.

After becoming a consummate True God, one would be able to use the Grand Teleportation.

However, the distance consummate True Gods would be able to cover wasn't very far.

Demi-holy Beings and Holy Beings were different. They could cross great distances using the Grand Teleportation. Had she been given the chance, Joy would've used her abilities to take Zen away.

But would Nicholas ever give her the chance?

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