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   Chapter 2376 Sprint For The Exit

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Stirring up any trouble on the island of the Sun Blind race was not, by any means, a wise decision for anyone, including the Holy Beings.

The head of the Sun Blind race wore a mask, hiding her expression, but her voice remained calm. "The Sun Blind race holds the Astronomical Transit Day celebration, and all the young warriors we invited are our friends. Obtaining a chance in the Time Sea Forbidden Land highly depends on one's own luck and ability! Now that the young man has obtained the jade seal, he can give it to whomever he wants to."

Hearing that, Nicholas chuckled and said, "That would be great. Samuel, I'm afraid you'll have to give up this time!"

Samuel's face darkened at that.

'Humph! If it were Alfredo who succeeded in acquiring the jade seal, Nicholas would be too shameful to say something like that, ' he cursed inwardly.

But Zen's identity was such a sensitive matter that Samuel couldn't come up with an idea for a retort.

The jade seal should've belonged to the Han Clan, but Samuel could only watch helplessly as it was about to be handed to the Dongfang Clan. It was no wonder that Samuel was frustrated, in spite of him being a Holy Being—someone supposed to be always calm and composed.

Still, he managed to recover in the blink of an eye. With a slight smile, he generously said, "Congratulations, Nicholas. You have extraordinary insight. You must have known from the beginning that Thad could obtain the jade seal. I must endure any pain and give this treasure up."

With that, he shook his head—his face was full of admiration for Nicholas.

The other nodded slightly, staring at him with mutual admiration. "I don't have many people I can look up to in the divine land, but you must be one of them. I believe the Han Clan will rise up the ranks in the future."

Now, with Zen's help, the Floating Island of the Han Clan had gone up a higher level.

Even if the Han Clan continued climbing up, it was impossible to defeat the Dongfang Clan. But the rise of the Han Clan meant the inevitable decline of the other clans. It was rather interesting to think about what Nicholas meant by what he said.

Hearing this, Jeremiah, the Holy Being of the Leng Clan, remained silent as a look of disdain surfaced on his expression.

Below the Holy Beings stood the True Gods

who had already left the Time Sea Forbidden Land.

Although they couldn't sense the scene in the Time Sea Forbidden Land, they could clearly hear the Holy Beings' discussion.

Soren, Reginald, and the other top-rank True Gods were all shocked upon hearing the Holy Beings.

"Thad Luo has obtained the jade seal?"

them. If the first group turned against them again, they'd be surrounded. But if they didn't lead the Time Ghosts ahead of them away, they wouldn't be able to get to the exit at all.

"Charge," Zen remained calm.

With that, Nelly realized that he had a special ability with the help of the jade seal.

She couldn't figure out how he made it. It seemed as though no matter how seriously injured he was, he could recover in an instant.

But no matter what the situation was, she trusted him wholeheartedly.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

When they approached the Time Ghosts, the large group began circling crazily like a group of headless flies before rushing towards Zen and Nelly.

Meanwhile, the Holy Beings outside the Time Sea Forbidden Land also craned their necks to catch the scene.

They were also aware that the ability of the jade seal seemed to have been able to devour a period of time. But their curiosity lingered because they hadn't actually seen Zen display such an ability in person.

As the densely packed group of Time Ghosts pounced, a sudden thought flashed in Zen's mind.

'Swallow the time of nine seconds…'

The giant bugs lying on the beams of light began to wiggle, swallowing up all the nine seconds.

With this thought, Zen tore up another three pages of the book of time.

Under the gaze of the Holy Beings, Zen and Nelly were already caught by the Time Ghosts. They were dragged into the time cracks and the two were cut into pieces.

But after a sudden flash of their figures, they were able to pass through the crowd of Time Ghosts and swiftly move forward.

The Time Ghosts even seemed to be in a daze. It wasn't after a moment that they got their senses back and chased after Zen and Nelly in a frenzy.

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