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   Chapter 2375 We Are Leaving

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After Zen had fused with the symbols in the jade seal, his control over the space and time in the jade seal had been elevated to the next level, which was almost the same as he controlled his inner world.

Just then, a dark red light film deep inside the jade seal caught his eye.

On the surface of the light film was a pattern of a small black scorpion, and he could see a light dot that floated inside its see-through exterior.

He then tried to break through the light film with his soul a few times but to no avail. In the end, he had to give up.

In addition, he might not be able to kill the consummate True Gods in the jade seal with his current control of it. However, none of them could leave.

Those consummate True Gods were important, as they were his bargaining chips to safely leave the Time Sea.

With that thought in mind, he glanced at Nelly, who sat on the tree trunk. His eyes traveled to her fair and slender legs, and he felt a bit restless.

Nelly sensed his gaze on her. Her lips curved into a smile as she stretched her hand and gently pressed on the tree trunk. She took her shoes and jumped, landing barefoot on the platform where Zen was. At that moment, she splashed brilliant water drops at him.

When Zen saw the water drops in front of him, he thought about stopping them, and all the water drops paused in mid-air. Then, the drops converged into a spiral formation and turned into a small water knife in his hand.

Nelly slightly raised a fine brow.

Such an ability could only be used in one's inner world. From the looks of it, it seemed that Zen had great control over the space and time within the jade seal. She couldn't help but be amazed.

"We're leaving," Zen said.

Although the time flow rate in the world they were in was much faster than that in the divine land, the Astronomical Transit Day would be over if they stayed there for too long.

If the Astronomical Transit Day was over, then the Time Sea Forbidden Land would be closed and would not be opened until the next Astronomical Transit Day, which was in the next eight years.

Nelly felt slightly frustrated at Zen's words and stayed silent for a while. How she wished that she could stay where she was now with Zen forever!

A few moments later, she took her shoes and walked to him barefoot.

She wasn't that tall, but her small body was full of strong energy. Her sincere eyes looked up at him and she said, "I want to ask you again. Is there really no way to resolve the hatred between the Mu Clan and t

l the Holy Beings outside the Time Sea Forbidden Land fell into silence.

On one hand, Nicholas' face lit up as he stared at Zen.

"It's impossible!" said a Holy Being with his mouth agape. Generally speaking, Holy Beings were supposed to be calm no matter what situation. This time, however, was different.

"Hahaha!" Clark laughed boisterously. "Congratulations! Your Han Clan has so many talents! This guy is really promising! But it seems that you are very happy to give him to the Dongfang Clan. Nicholas, congratulations!"

Samuel's lips twitched into a snarl at his words.

No one had ever thought that just when a group of consummate True Gods tried so hard to win the jade seal, it eventually fell into the hands of a low-rank True God. It was really unexpected.

However, Samuel suddenly had an idea which he thought was brilliant.

It was known that Zen's identity was a troublesome matter. Regardless of whether he could get the jade seal or not, there was no way he could stay in the Han Clan.

Then again, Samuel was reluctant to give the jade seal to Nicholas.

"Thad Luo is indeed promising, but his identity is unclear. If he is really Mike's son, let's see how Nicholas is going to deal with him. But, he obtained the jade seal when he was still a member of our Han Clan. I guess it should still belong to our clan," Samuel said calmly. As he spoke, he looked at the leader of the Sun Blind race, who stood not too far away.

It looked like what he said was meant for Nicholas, but in fact, he was speaking to the leader of the Sun Blind race.

Now everyone wanted to get the jade seal, but the Holy Beings couldn't fight for it right then and there.

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