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   Chapter 2374 The Spear Of Time

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At the edge of this space, a wide waterfall hung like a curtain of light on the cliff, splashing downwards.

There was an emerald green jungle around it, forming a natural semicircle at the edge of the cliff. The whole scene looked pleasant.

Zen had found this place under Nelly's guidance.

Some time ago, Nelly had borrowed a Royal Eagle from the Eagle race, and she had flown high in the sky and traveled many places.

On the edge of this cliff, an ancient cypress tree stood tall and majestic.

Nelly sat on the tree trunk, her snow-colored slender legs exposed now that she had taken off her shoes.

She gently pushed her legs forward and immersed them into the waterfall. Her feet looked like they were coated with a layer of pearls as countless crystal clear water drops came in contact with them.

She stared blankly at Zen, who was sitting cross-legged on the tree trunk.

For a moment, she thought that it probably was not a bad thing if they had to stay like this all the time.

There was no dispute in this small world.

The intrigues and conflicts among the powerful clans on the Floating Islands were beyond her reach here. She felt relaxed when she unloaded her self-defense.

She hoped this moment could last forever.

Once they left the world within the jade seal, they would have to face endless trouble.

Zen took out a piece of his soul and put it into the jade seal.

He didn't know what was going through Nelly's mind.

He needed to prepare for everything.

Once he left the world within the jade seal, he would return to the Time Sea Forbidden Land. And once he left the Time Sea Forbidden Land, he would have to face a bunch of Holy Beings, some of whom were his enemies.

And now that his identity had been revealed, he had to consider how he would escape from the Holy Beings.

He had previously been in a hurry to control the jade seal and did not have the time to explore it carefully.

The gigantic bugs crawling on the light could devour three to nine seconds. It was indeed a special ability.

But on second thought, it was not a very strong one.

Currently, this ability could only prevent him from being harmed in a short period of time.

Under his full strength, the bugs could devour nine seconds. And in these nine seconds, all t

had turned into ash.

The spear itself did not have much power.

But once the spear touched the robe, time flowed at a faster pace and the robe was baptized for a number of years.

The robe could not withstand the corrosion of countless years, which was why it was now rotten by time.

The black spear finally hit a wall, leaving it covered in cracks and then turning into dust.

Everything turned into dust due to the power of time.

At this, a cold shiver ran down Alfredo's spine.

In theory, the life span of a True God was unlimited.

This was because their body would not become decadent with the passage of time. In other words, the metabolism of a True God's body was enough to offset the passage of time. All these factors combined to a balance, and a True God could live forever.

However, anyone who experienced such fast speed for an endless time would not be able to withstand it.

No wonder Troy was badly hurt after being hit by a black spear.

It seemed that the power of the spear was limited in a small range. If it weren't for this, even Troy wouldn't have been able to endure it and would have already died.

While Alfredo was deep in thought, another black spear rotated above the curtain of light and aimed at him.

"What the hell?!"

He then ran away from the desert.

On the other side of the world, Zen smiled smugly.

It was not a difficult task for him to kill Alfredo, but it was meaningless. Moreover, he could only count on these consummate True Gods to leave the Time Sea.

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