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   Chapter 2373 Sneak Attack

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"Is the Heavenly Wheel Snake... dead?"

"Oh my God!"

The members of the Eagle, the Roc, and Swallow races were all shocked hearing Zen's words.

The snake that had threatened them for so long was finally gone!

In fact, these three races despised one another all because of this Heavenly Wheel Snake.

At the beginning of everything, they didn't really have a problem with each other at all.

However, because of the Heavenly Wheel Snake, they had to offer their children at intervals. This was unacceptable for everyone, and it began the conflict between the races.

Therefore, they began to snatch at each other's young boys and girls, offering them to the Heavenly Wheel Snake. Gradually, there grew a fierce conflict among the three races, which turned into an irreconcilable hatred.

If the Heavenly Wheel Snake had really died, everyone knew that the hatred wouldn't disappear instantly, but would gradually fade over time.

In the end, the source of the three races' hatred was merely a beastly snake.

"Are you serious?" asked the chief who had been talking to Zen.

He asked with his eyes wide open, hardly believing what Zen had said.

Zen smiled, clutched the jade seal in his hand and infused an idea into it. Afterwards, he pointed at a place not far away and said, "Look over there."

The chief and other people looked in that direction, puzzled.

For some reason, they saw nothing but a desert amidst them.

As they squinted and searched for something to look at, a snake's hiss came from the ground. A small sand dune was blown up in the desert, as if something was about to break out of it.

"What is it?"

"Could it be Heavenly Wheel Bugs?"

"That's... impossible. The bugs in the desert won't appear during the day."

The group murmured as they stared at the small sand dune.




The people were nervous, but the mysterious birds, golden rocs and eagles all fixed their eyes at the small sand dune with vigilance.

As sharp as these birds were, they already knew that the Heavenly Wheel Bugs were coming out.


It was exactly as they guessed. Within seconds, there were over a hundred Heavenly Wheel Bugs emerging from the desert, squirming and making hissing sounds all around.

However, the Heavenly Wheel Bugs did not launch any attacks unlike what they'd expected. They just stuck out a part of their bodies outside the sand dune but refused to move at all.

At the sight of this, the chief widened his eyes and stared at those Heavenly Wheel Bugs. He then asked, "So

on?" With his eyes wide open, Alfredo watched the scene in a daze. Did he just do that?

Within seconds, Zen held the jade seal with one hand, took Nelly with another hand and launched them up to the sky. He hovered in the air and looked down at Alfredo, with a self-satisfied smirk across his face.

He had no idea that Alfredo would go and attack him. However, he smirked because it seemed he still succeeded despite Alfredo's attempt.

Zen did not have much time to study the jade seal, and he was not sure if he would become its owner.

Also, if Alfredo took the jade seal, Zen would lose absolutely everything.

On the other hand, Alfredo didn't expect that Zen would be able to retaliate so quickly. His expression changed several times before he said, "Thad! As a member of my clan, you must give me the jade seal after you get it!"

Upon hearing this, Zen sneered and said coldly, "If you thought I would just hand it to you, you wouldn't have had to attack me." He chuckled and continued, "Why do you speak such nonsense?"

Narrowing his eyes, Alfredo added, "Give me the jade seal. Give it to me and I'll protect you from the Mu Clan's attack..."

But before he could finish his words, Nelly interrupted with a hissing tone, "You are stupid, but I didn't think you'd be this stupid. What a dumb excuse coming from you!"

Both Zen and Nelly choked Alfredo off, and Alfredo was rendered speechless. His eyes were twitching constantly, and he began to regret the course of actions that he just took.

But as he pondered, Zen had already flown away.

He knew that he didn't want to waste his time on consummate True Gods. Heck, he had more important things to do besides getting the jade seal.

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