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   Chapter 2372 A Torn Page

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Zen manipulated the giant bugs to wipe out the period of time.

Outside of the Time Sea Forbidden Land, Nicholas took a small step back as the space in front of him became a little blurry.

The Sun Blind race's leader also stepped back as

all the Holy Beings and Demi-holy Beings looked on with confusion and astonishment.

"You all are seeing this, right?" Jeremiah asked, frowning. "Something's wrong with the divine land's time...?"

Clark nodded. For the first time he was very quiet.

The time flow rate within the jade seal was different from that of the outside world. Although the consummate True Gods and Zen had spent about twenty days inside the jade seal, the Astronomical Transit Day in the Time Sea hadn't ended yet.

"Someone just stole three seconds from the world," Nicholas said warily. He looked through the Time Sea Forbidden Land and stared at the jade seal.

"Looks like someone has obtained the jade seal," a Holy Being observed. "Is this the ability of the jade seal?"

Was it?

Since they couldn't see through the jade seal, they weren't sure about what exactly was happening inside.

They only hoped that everything would be revealed soon.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the cave, Zen stood as still as a statue. His usually calm expression was replaced with the tiniest hint of surprise.

Through the jade seal, he felt like he had acquired a new definition of time and a greater understanding of it.

If the time of the divine land could be described as a book, then every three seconds would be a page that was continuously turned by an invisible hand.

Page by page, second by second, minute by minute, day by day, month by month, year by year, age by age. Time was a big old book

and the giant bugs were moths eating at the pages.

Judging from time, each page was a complete but static divine land.

Just now, following Zen's order, the huge bugs had devoured a separated static divine land.

Like silkworms polishing off a leaf, they had wolfed down the page where Nelly died in the blink of an eye.

The page contained how Nelly would die — torn into pieces by the consummate True Gods' weapons.

If Zen hadn't ripped the page off and the whole thing had come into existence, then Nelly

e sky, their eyes went wide and their jaws fell open.

"They are back!"

The little boy exclaimed happily as he ran all the way into Nelly's arms.

He and the other children had almost been eaten by the Heavenly Wheel Snake before, but thanks to the consummate True Gods, they had been saved from death.

However, the failed worship had made all the aboriginals quite uneasy.

The Eagle race's chief walked up to them nervously. "Where is the Heavenly Wheel Snake now?"

It would be a good thing for them if the Heavenly Wheel Snake had been killed by this group of strong warriors that appeared from outside.

But now, only Zen and Nelly had returned. Did the Heavenly Wheel Snake eat the others?

"You no longer need to worship that snake," Zen replied.

"What!" The chief's eyes almost bulged out.

Everyone else exchanged confused glances. What was he saying?

The Heavenly Wheel Snake had been subdued by the consummate True Gods but Zen didn't know if they had killed it.

However, he understood that the Heavenly Wheel Snake was able to drive the bugs only with the jade seal in its hand. In other words, the Heavenly Wheel Snake had been guarding the jade seal in this temple.

Now that the jade seal belonged to Zen, the existence of the Heavenly Wheel Snake had lost its meaning, so there was no need for them to worship the snake anymore.

"I-I still can't understand what you mean," the chief said hesitantly.

Zen grinned. "You can think of that snake as dead!"

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