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   Chapter 2371 Removing Three Seconds

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With a resounding crack, the blood-red bird pierced through the black bead that was in the middle of the shadow.

The shadow disappeared almost immediately after the bead shattered.

The bird then circled around with soft whooshing sounds, and returned to Rachelle's hand.

A smile took its place on her face, but when she saw flashes of figures trying to run away, the expression on her face shifted. "Want to run away?" she shouted.

The number of these shadows was diminishing by the minute. Some of the consummate True Gods could not hold back and rushed over.

With a tap of her toe, Rachelle turned into a red light and shot along the pillar.

As she went deeper and deeper, a bronze wall appeared before her, Nelly and Zen at the foot of the wall.


Rachelle exclaimed, delighted.

After all, Nelly was her younger sister and Rachelle was happy to see her safe.

But as her gaze shifted to Zen, she noticed the jade seal in Zen's hand and was startled.

"The jade seal!"

Zen sat upright on the ground, his eyes closed. It was obvious that he was refining the jade seal.

Like Rachelle, the other consummate True Gods looked at the jade seal greedily.

They had turned the Time Sea Forbidden Land upside down to get this jade seal. They had searched and searched for a long time.

And now that the jade seal was right in front of them, everyone was eager to get their hands on it.

Nelly had pulled out two short swords and was standing before Zen to protect him. Her round eyes were sharp and she didn't cower even if she had to fight the numerous consummate True Gods.

"It's so strange that the girl from the Mu Clan is helping an outsider," said a consummate True God with a sneer on his face, and then looked at Rachelle.

Rachelle's face darkened. Her sister had been behaving unnaturally ever since she had come in contact with Zen. Rachelle didn't know what had happened to Nelly, and now that the latter was standing in front of Zen, it made her feel even stranger about her.

"What the hell do you want?" Rachelle shouted at Nelly.

Nelly pulled one short sword forward and held the other behind her, like a mantis ready to attack.

The swordsmanship, the martial arts, and the Godly Way she had cultivated were all arts she had learned from Rachelle.

When she saw what her sister was doing, the only thought that passed through Rachelle's mind was

enly started to surge. They began to devour the light of the whole world.

"Devouring three seconds is enough." Zen's thought spread to the minds of the countless giant bugs.

Once the thought was spread out, strange things began to be found all over the divine land.

A True God had just killed a monster, but in the blink of an eye, it had returned to an unharmed state.

In a battle ring, a proving godly warrior used his most powerful skill to punch his opponent and cause him to spit out blood. But all the blood disappeared in a flash.

In a tavern, someone had eaten a dish in one swallow, and there was still some flavor left in his mouth. But in a trice, the dish was still on the table, unmoved.

Such strange things occurred all over the divine land. Even the Holy Beings were unable to avoid it.

And all these happened at the moment Nelly was killed.

But Nelly was now standing right there before Zen, without any injuries.

The three consummate True Gods looked at each other, their weapons dangling limply in their hands.

Rachelle's eyes widened in surprise. This was completely beyond her comprehension.

Nelly looked at herself, confused. She didn't know what had happened. She could feel the cold weapons cutting into her body. Why was she restored to her previous condition in the blink of an eye?

'Have we gone back in time?'

But Nelly rejected this thought almost immediately.

Time backtracking could only be used on the martial artist who activated it. And people couldn't use the Godly Way in this world. Moreover, she hadn't felt any internal momentum.

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