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   Chapter 2370 The World Of The Bugs

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As Zen looked at the jade seal, his heart rate accelerated. He resisted the urge to take it, observing it carefully from a distance.

The huge pillar at the center of the cave extended all the way down into the void and was connected to the bronze wall. This was the only route to the jade seal.

The bronze wall was engraved with ray-like lines and intricate carvings of insects.

"These lines show the time passages to the void surrounding the cave."

Zen's gaze followed the lines and soon found that one of the lines had no insects on it.

He looked back at the void around the cave and found a corresponding blue line.

'I see. These lines should be the only shortcuts to the bottom of the cave, ' Zen thought to himself.

There must surely be some clues in this world, left for those who desired to obtain the jade seal. And these clues would most likely lead to a shortcut to the bottom of the cave.

However, neither the consummate True Gods nor Zen had the patience to look for the shortcut. Instead, they simply went ahead and barged into the Heavenly Wheel Temple.

Zen, on the other hand, had accidentally created his own shortcut, forging a passage by using the Space-striking Ring.

"It seems like it won't be that easy for Rachelle and the others to reach the bottom using this huge pillar," Zen said, after having taken a long look at the pillar.

Just as Zen had guessed, a large group of consummate True Gods had affixed the Heavenly Wheel Snake to the pillar. They moved forward along the body of the giant snake which stretched for tens of miles.

One of them was accidentally swept off the pillar by the giant snake's tail and fell onto a light. He was then cut to pieces and consumed by the black insects.

As they advanced along the pillar, they encountered attacks again and again. Even though they had reached the consummation level, these attacks could be lethal if they were not careful enough, so their progress was slow.

After much consideration, Zen was sure the path he had taken was the only true path to the jade seal, so there shouldn't be any other hidden dangers along the way.

He then carefully approached the jade seal and extended his hand towards it.

Sitting behind Zen, Nelly stared at his back, her eyes glazed over, as if in a daze.

She had, up to now, maintained the belief that her position and character entitled her to take this jade seal herself.

Yet, the events that had taken place during the quest for the seal had made her start doubting if her value was sufficient to allow her to possess it.

In particular, the recent actions of her sister, Rachelle, had confused her greatly.

As an especially talented member of the Mu Clan, Rachelle worked hard for her clan. She would stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

Even if she had to sacrif

this world of light he came across a slightly smaller bug.

This bug was only a few dozen miles in size. A few pieces of light golden scales were embedded on its brown body. In the place where it was, under the countless intersections of the light lines, a circular wheel of light had formed. The small bug lay right in the center of this wheel of light.

Sensing that this golden bug was different from the others, Zen allowed his consciousness to possess its.

With the help of the jade seal, Zen's consciousness remained unblocked, and the giant bug with golden scales also accepted him. Immediately, he learned all he needed to know about the giant bug.

Before this, Zen only knew the bugs were hungry, nothing more. Now, he had finally obtained all the missing information he had sought for. He understood, now, what these giant bugs ate to survive.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

"I have found the weak point of these shadows! It is the eye ball in the middle of their bodies!"

Several wounds had appeared on Rachelle's white thighs. The swords in the shadows' hands were condensed with the fragments of time. The time cracks in the fragments were invincible. Even those consummate True Gods could bleed to death if they were cut.

Rachelle was not the only one in a precarious position. Walton and Shahn had also sustained injuries since having forced their way in there.

"We will soon reach the bottom of the pillar. Hold on, guys!" As Rachelle spoke, her slender fingers gently brushed the air, and a small bird condensed from the little blood droplets escaping her hand. The little bird then turned into a thin line of blood light and rushed towards one of the shadows.

Along the way, those consummate True Gods had also used a lot of magic weapons in order to come here.

They would soon reach the end of the path, so they were getting more and more impatient.

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