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   Chapter 2369 Let Him Go

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Once Walton and the other consummate True Gods had fixed the snake head at a place, Nelly was the first one to climb up.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she pulled herself up, she found that her sister's life was on a line. Her sister was going to die! All she could do was to pounce on Zen and plead for mercy.

Zen stood motionlessly on the snake's back, and his emotion didn't waver at all either.

'This woman has tried to kill me several times. I have no reason to spare her life!' he thought to himself.

However, as Zen watched Nelly run up to him like this, he hesitated for a moment.

He hesitated a moment too long.

Holding the short sword's hilt, Rachelle took a turn in the air with her flexible body. She somersaulted high above and a blood red long whip zipped toward Zen.


In the blink of an eye, Zen was pulled forcefully downward by the long whip.


Nelly screamed. With her subconscious, she dragged Zen using all her power.

As the two of them slid downward, Rachelle took the opportunity to pull herself up toward the snake's back.

As Rachelle Mu and Nelly Mu passed by each other, their sisterly eyes met and clashed together.

Terror and astonishment were written all over Nelly's face, but Rachelle on the other hand, was extremely calm.

While Rachelle stood firmly on the snake's back, the blood red whip in her hand rolled down once more. The end of the whip moved at extremely high speeds and before either of them could react, the whip wrapped itself around Nelly's arm. Because Nelly was clinging to Zen, the whip hung them both in the air.

Zen glanced at the black insects crawling on the light rays below him with a gloomy expression.

"Nelly, let him go!" Rachelle said calmly, yet firmly.

Resting her hands tightly on Zen's chest, Nelly shook her head and said stubbornly, "No!"

"Then I'm afraid you're leaving me with no choice but to kill you along with him," said Rachelle threateningly.

This young sister was used to obeying. Now though, she had been disobedient time and time again, which riled Rachelle.

Despite her boiling rage, in her heart, she loved her younger sister very much. The words she spoke were really just to threaten Nelly. She would never bury her sister alongside Zen.

Nelly's big round eyes blinked a few times and she lowered her head to look at Zen, her heart pounding with regret.

All this time, she had hoped that she'd simply solve the underlying conflict between her sister and Zen.

Although she also knew that her actions were very naive, sh

was only a one-time magic weapon. If the silver light dissipated after moving forward for a period of time, he and Nelly would probably have to face the black insects. If that were the case, chances were, they'd be swallowed up whole.

However, back in the desert, Zen had also activated another Space-striking Ring, and the power that it exuded out gave him an extra boost of confidence.

The silver light, which was transferred from the Space-striking Ring, explored in front of them and crushed the black insects. After a short while, Zen heard a loud bang.

The silver light turned into a huge silver sword, and it collided into the opposite wall with a loud explosion.

It wasn't before long that Zen felt his body become lighter and his originally stretched form began to shrink and recover quickly. He was delighted that they had made it out in such a short period of time.


And that was when Zen bumped directly into a very solid wall. His body slammed straight on to it.


With a shriek, Nelly was next out of the light and she slammed into Zen's chest.

She straightened her hair and stepped back with a blushing face, as quickly as she possibly could. She whispered, "I'm so sorry. I didn't expect that my sister would..."

Zen waved his hand, in a nonchalant manner. He didn't care about what had just happened, not in the least. He then glanced to his side, his eyebrows twitching nervously.

He guessed that they must be at the very end of the Heavenly Wheel Temple. A huge bronze wall stood at the end and a few very unique lines were drawn on it. Furthermore, right smack in the middle of all the gathered lines was a small jade seal, emitting a faint light.

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