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   Chapter 2368 Dramatic Reversal

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"You hold on yourself first!"

Rachelle said without looking back. She held the chain while approaching Zen.

The head was the part of the Heavenly Wheel Snake that was shaking the most violently. On the other hand, its body, which Zen and Rachelle were clinging onto, was much more stable.

Zen continued to glide backward on the smooth back of the Heavenly Wheel Snake with the Great Weighty Sword leaning against his chest. In the face of Rachelle's fierce attack, Zen fought back while retreating. It was obvious that Rachelle couldn't take him down in just a short moment.

However, Shahn, who was on the head of the snake, was in danger. He was barely hanging onto the long sword and could be thrown out at any time.

At this moment, several consummate True Gods appeared at the entrance of the pillar.

The goal of all these consummate True Gods was the same—to get the jade seal. Now that they had managed to enter the Heavenly Wheel Temple, there was no reason for them to give up.

However, the Heavenly Wheel Snake was retracting too fast for them to catch up with it.

Fortunately, although the Heavenly Wheel Temple was enormous, it had only one path; they just needed to follow it all the way on the path.


As soon as Walton entered, he saw Shahn hanging onto the sword and dangling in the air. His eyes widened as he said, "Don't worry. I'll help you out!"

The consummate True Gods might not be able to use Godly Ways, but they had brought with them a lot of magic weapons. Walton gently patted his wrist, summoning a big dark red crossbow. On the back of the crossbow, there was a huge capstan, around which there were golden ropes that coiled into loops.

He grabbed one end of the golden rope and threw it at the bottom of the pillar. After falling, the red crossbow, under the control of the golden rope, swung back from the other side of the pillar like a pendulum bob.

Walton jumped up and caught the red crossbow. Quickly tying the golden rope into a knot, he knelt on one knee and aimed at the head of the Heavenly Wheel Snake.


A shining red bolt, with the golden rope tied to it, shot toward the Heavenly Wheel Snake.

Very few consummate True Gods in the divine land would be equipped with weapons like crossbows. The Earth Godly Way that Walton cultivated was very special. Although it was a powerful Godly Way, it wasn't perfect in terms of flexibility. Therefore, Walton always carried all sorts of magic weapons with him.

This Fire God Wrath was an extremely powerful supreme primordial weapon. The bolts it shot were enough to hurt any consummate True God.


The thick bowstring was still vibrating

Great Weighty Sword.


The cracks on the Great Weighty Sword began to spread again.

"A Holy Being?" Zen's eyes narrowed slightly, and a mocking smile appeared on his face. He shook his head and said, "Your field of vision is too narrow. There are some ideas that you will never be able to figure out!"

"What do you mean?" When she saw that Zen didn't seem to be lying, a look of doubt appeared on her face.

"You don't need to know," Zen said. As he spoke, he waved the Great Weighty Sword again. The sword floated in the air in a strange arc before rushing toward Rachelle's neck.

Noticing the arc of Zen's sword, Rachelle flew up into the air and easily dodged the attack.

But Zen only smiled faintly. Suddenly, the sword turned and slashed at the chain under Rachelle's feet!

Zen managed to cut off the chain in an instant.

At the same time, Walton and the other consummate True Gods managed to finally pin the snake's head to the pillar.

Since the big snake was unable to move its head, it began to roll its body side to side in an attempt to escape.

Unable to keep her footing, Rachelle fell to the side of the snake's back.


She had never expected such a dramatic reversal. In a moment of desperation, she stabbed the short sword into the snake's body and hung onto the side of the snake. At the same time, Zen, who was still firmly standing on the back of the snake, pointed his Great Weighty Sword at Rachelle and said indifferently, "There are some chess pieces that you can't easily get rid of."

Then, the intense sword intent from the Great Weighty Sword began to surge.

Just as the sword intent was about to shoot out and hit Rachelle, a red figure quickly rushed forward, grabbing Zen's hand and begging, "Zen! No, please!"

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