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   Chapter 2367 Deep Inside The Temple

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In his hands, Zen held the Great Weighty Sword tightly and fixed himself on the snake's head.

As he bumped and jolted along the way, he ended up face to face with the beams at the top of the temple. He was so close that at times, he was pressed and even rubbed up against the ceiling.

Thanks to his powerful physical body though, such a collision wouldn't cause him any harm. On the contrary, in fact, the Heavenly Wheel Temple's ceiling was instead pitted by him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Rachelle, who was firmly fixed on the other side of the snake's head, went through the same thing. Both she and Zen were currently facing the same fate.

She was in a position higher than Zen. As the Heavenly Wheel Snake continued retreating, her head, of course, crashed onto countless beams.

Although she was a consummate True God and her body's physical strength was much stronger than that of an ordinary True God, it was safe to say that her body wasn't as strong as Zen's. Moreover, Zen's body was protected by a layer of Redemption Armor, which was extremely secure. After several rounds of collisions, she felt dizzy.

She looked a mess with the pieces of broken stone in her hair and grey-black ashes on her face.

From the opposing side of the snake's head, Zen sent her a glance just fast enough to reveal a faint smile. Having caught a glimpse of his expression, Rachelle flew into a rage and shouted, "What the hell are you laughing at?"

Zen shrugged his shoulders and the smile on his lips only spread wider.

Just as Rachelle was about to abuse him angrily, her head made contact into a beam again, causing it to smash. She was dazed.

In contrast, Shahn, hanging low, was feeling much better. His cyan sword was nailed to the huge snake's side, and he stood on his tiptoes on the hilt. Even though the snake's head was shaking in irregular rhythm, he maintained his balance as would a solid, mature mountain.

As he noticed Rachelle's messy face and hair, he couldn't help himself from laughing out loud.

Rachelle was so angry that with her temper, she might just roll right over to the other side of the snake's head and kick Zen straight off.

Despite her desire, the snake head was retreating back far too fast. If she was accidentally thrown down to the ground, it would be difficult to keep up with it. She couldn't take such a risk.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Heavenly Wheel Snake continued to withdraw toward the depths of the Heavenly Wheel Temple.

The consummate True Gods behind the snake followed Zen all the way, and at the end of the line was Nelly. Her speed was much slower than the others' at the moment.

It wasn't before long that a whole five minutes had passed.

Nobody knew how the Heavenly Wheel Snake had reached the bottom of the ground exactly, and the surroundings were completely immersed in darkness.

Zen clenched the hilt of his Great Weighty Sword, activating his mag

n a moment of desperation, Zen had suddenly remembered the Space-striking Ring in his hand.

He stomped on the hilt of the huge silver sword, and an extremely powerful force exploded forth. His entire body shot upward once again. With a leap, he jumped onto the Heavenly Wheel Snake's back. He was not in the same position as Rachelle.

As Zen caught his balance, the huge silver sword made from the Space-striking Ring had turned into a silver light. It was shooting toward the void and firing into the noodle-like lights.

When the huge silver sword shot into the glow, it also turned into a silver light ray and flowed rapidly along with the other light rays.

A black insect that lay on a light ray didn't even have time to dodge before it was pushed over by the silver light and killed instantly.

"You're quite the tough one to kill!"

It had never occurred to Rachelle that Zen would use this method in order to get back onto the Heavenly Wheel Snake's body. She was pissed alright, but still impressed.

Before Zen was even standing completely still, she drew back the chain that circled the beams and the snake's body, and with one foot, she stepped on the machete that connected with the chain. She pressed it further and further into the Heavenly Wheel Snake's body, making sure that she wouldn't fall anymore. After that, she grabbed the chain and turned into a red light once more, rushing toward Zen.

Of course, Zen had no desire in admitting that he was inferior. With a flick of the Great Weighty Sword in his hand, the two of them began fighting violently on the Heavenly Wheel Snake's back anew.

Only Shahn was left alone, holding the snake's head. He also noticed that his cyan sword was being thrown out little by little. If it went on like this, he would eventually fall down, sooner or later. Shahn couldn't help shouting out at Rachelle, "Rachelle, you should save me first! Please! I'll take that guy's life for you!"

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