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   Chapter 2366 A Fierce Battle

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In just a dozen days, Nelly had changed a lot, much to Zen's surprise.

However, Zen agreed with Rachelle. It was not that easy to dissolve the grudge between the Mu Clan and the Luo Clan. What Nelly thought was too naive.

Buzz! Buzz!

At this moment, Zen heard a series of noises coming from afar.

When he raised his head, he saw a light curtain flash in front of the Heavenly Wheel Temple. On the surface of the light curtain, pitch-black spears appeared, carrying within them a strange force that almost made them seem as if they had been formed by time itself.

"Black spears!"

Zen's eyebrows rose slightly. He instantly remembered the words of the consummate True God of the Sword Clan, "Be careful with the black spears." It seemed that he had been killed by these black spears when he had visited the Heavenly Wheel Temple.

But what power was hidden in these spears that had made him look like he had died for countless years in a short period of time?

With their abilities, there was no way the consummate True Gods would be wasting time on infiltrating the Roc race and the Swallow race if they could directly enter the Heavenly Wheel Temple on their own. Zen guessed that they must have tried to do that once and suffered a great setback, so they had no choice but to ally with other races now.

'Was Troy also killed by these black spears?' Zen wondered, but soon, he concluded that it wasn't a possibility. After all, Rachelle had just mentioned that Troy would give Shahn and Walton trouble.

However, he hadn't come with them today, which meant that he must have been hurt by these spears. Zen looked at the snake, lost in thought.

When the Heavenly Wheel Snake arrived in front of the light, it suddenly thrust out its long and thin tongue with a hissing sound. Slowly, a crack ran up the middle of the light curtain enveloping the Heavenly Wheel Temple, splitting the curtain into two.

The moment the light curtain was opened, many consummate True Gods raised their heads with a faint murderous look in their eyes.


The moment they unleashed the killing intent, the Heavenly Wheel Snake paused, and its huge body instantly retreated back within the light curtain. At the same time, it raised its head high, vigilantly glancing around.

Seeing this, Shahn gently waved his hand, indicating everyone to calm down.

Although these consummate True Gods couldn't use their Godly Ways, they had no doubt that they could take the Heavenly Wheel Snake down.

What they couldn't break was the light curtain that enveloped the Heavenly Wheel Temple and the black spears. When they saw the light curtain open a crack, they couldn't help but feel a killing intent in their hearts.

However, they hadn't expected the snake to be so alert. They lowered their heads once again so as not to scare it away.

The Heavenly Wheel Snake looked around with a t

Heavenly Wheel Snake raised its head high and smashed it onto the altar.


As the snake's body vibrated violently, many consummate True Gods standing on top of the snake fell down.

Only Zen, Rachelle, and Shahn, who had been sharp enough to stab their weapons into the snake's head and tightly fix themselves on it at this critical moment, remained on top of the snake.

Then, in one swift moment, the snake retreated into the Heavenly Wheel Temple, dragging Zen, Rachelle, and Shahn along with it.

As soon as the snake disappeared from sight, the crack in the light curtain began to slowly close.

"Hurry up!"

"Charge in before the light curtain closes!"

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The consummate True Gods passed through the light curtain and rushed into the temple one after another.

There was a great gap between Nelly's ability and that of the consummate True Gods. Therefore, she didn't rush forward immediately. Looking at the light curtain that was slowly closing, she pulled out the bamboo flute in her hand and summoned the Royal Eagle of the Eagle race.

A chief of the Eagle race tried to stop her when he saw this scene. But on second thought, he decided that they had no choice but to help the outsiders, now that they had already offended the Heavenly Wheel Snake. He just hoped that these outsiders would really kill the snake. Otherwise, everyone would feel its wrath.

The moment the Royal Eagle reached Nelly, she turned over and jumped onto its back. With her eyes on the crack in the light curtain, she grabbed the feather on the Royal Eagle's back with one hand.

By now, the crack had shrunk small enough for only one person to pass through it. Without wasting a single second, Nelly exerted all her strength and thrust herself up with the Royal Eagle. Miraculously, she managed to enter the crack. As soon as she entered, the crack in the light curtain was completely closed.

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