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   Chapter 2365 Being Threatened

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Not far away, Nelly had finally gotten herself up from the ground.

From where she now stood, she watched the scene, and felt a dilemma arise within her.

Of everyone, she knew Rachelle best. Once that girl had made up her mind on something, nothing and no one was going to convince her to change it.

In the past, Nelly had never dared try persuading Rachelle.

But in this present moment, a sudden burst of courage washed over her out of nowhere. She rushed forward at once. Now, she was standing right in front of Zen.

"Rachelle, please..." Nelly began. "Stop!" She begged her sister, gritting her teeth.

Rachelle, Walton and Shahn were on the verge of attacking, when unexpectedly, Nelly had shown up.

It was difficult for them to understand right away why Nelly, who had stopped Rachelle once before, was standing in front of Zen.

"What the hell is Nelly doing? Is she absolutely crazy?" Walton chuckled nervously, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Without saying anything, Shahn looked at Rachelle who was a little off to his left. Seeing as Nelly was Rachelle's younger sister, he was incredibly curious to find out how Rachelle was going to deal with her in this situation.

"Nelly! What's wrong? What are you doing? Are you out of your mind?"

Rachelle shouted angrily, raising her eyebrows as her face flushed.

In front of her, Nelly stood her ground. She had always been compliant and obedient, and had never gone against her sister's will before.

Yet, this was the second time and Rachelle had to do something!

"I... I..." With a nervous look on her face, Nelly thought for a brief moment before she said tremblingly, "I think we need to have a serious conversation."

"Have a serious conversation?" Rachelle was stunned. Her eyes narrowed and her brows furrowed together this time. "Are you kidding me?"

"Ha-ha! Now, isn't that funny!" A big, goofy smile appeared on Walton's face as he laughed. Rachelle spun around and glared at him with fierce eyes.

Zen watched Nelly's slender back, his expression full of surprise and disbelief.

He had never expected that this girl would stand up for him time and time again. Especially now, before her sister!

Nelly gritted her teeth and said, "Even if he's really a member of the Luo Clan and Mike's son, that doesn't automatically mean that he's our clan's enemy. Why do you have to kill him so badly?"

As Rachelle heard what Nelly had said, her frown tightened. She glared at Nelly as if she was staring at a stranger. Her eyes were careless, emotionless. After a short while, she displayed a helpless smile and said, "When did you become so naive, Nelly?"

"I'm not naive," replied Nelly, shaking her head. Then, she added decisively, "I just think we should all give each other another chance."

"Ha-ha." Rachelle was really pissed off and laughed sarcastically.

of the Eagle race, Roc race, and Swallow race all knelt down, facing toward the Heavenly Wheel Snake.

How was it possible that the consummate True Gods present could be willing to show their respect to such a snake?

If it weren't for the fact that they were unable to use the Godly Way in here, they would have already charged into the Heavenly Wheel Temple and chopped the snack to bits.

A consummate True God was also a God!

In their inner world, they were the ones to be bowed down before. There wasn't any reason for them to kneel before others.

"That's it!"

One of the members of the Roc race reminded Rachelle and the other consummate True Gods, despite trying to keep his voice low.

The members of the Swallow race and the Eagle race also hinted at the other consummate True Gods and Zen. All of them had an expression of panic on their faces, fearing that this group of outsiders would infuriate the Heavenly Wheel Snake.

After hesitating for as long as they could allow, the consummate True Gods bent their knees, too.

This world was the Heavenly Wheel Snake's home. In order to enter the Heavenly Wheel Temple, they had no choice but to debase themselves.

Zen also knelt down on one knee, slightly raised his head and carefully looked at the slowly wiggling Heavenly Wheel Snake. It was terrifying.

Indeed, like the members of the Eagle race had said, the Heavenly Wheel Snake was very vigilant. It carefully extended its huge body from the temple and looked up and down, as if it would retract into the temple if it caught a glimpse of any sign of movement.

As Zen was observing the Heavenly Wheel Snake, he suddenly felt someone looking at him. He turned his head slightly and his eyes met directly with Nelly's.

Nelly looked at Zen with a complex expression. She seemed to be trying to send a message through her bright eyes. Her expression was confused, but firm.

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