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   Chapter 2364 Cut The Gordian Knot

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Zen was ready to burn his bridges with his choice to fight back against a consummate True God.

He had gone all out with the slash, nearly activating the strength source to the limit that his body could bear.

In this world, Zen couldn't use the internal momentum, so he couldn't fight using the Emotion Closing Godly Way. Despite that, he wasn't scared of Rachelle. His swordsmanship alone bested hers any day, and she couldn't use the Godly Way either.

The terrifying power of the strike formed a heavy pressure in the air that Rachelle could feel, the thick sword blade ringing with the force.

Rachelle snorted, a look of contempt appearing on her face.

Instinctively, she twisted her left arm and raised her right arm.

The sound of metal clashing rang through the air.

Her short sword and machete had blocked the Great Weighty Sword in midair.

Her momentary triumph was soon over, her face contorting in shock. The power from the Great Weighty Sword was nearly unbearable. Her arms became heavy and her feet sank into the yellow sand.

She had no choice but to lower her weapons.

The moment she had lowered her arms, Rachelle was left unguarded.

Zen seized this opportunity to charge forward. He brought the sword back to him, and readied to swing again. There was sharp whistle through the air as he swung it at Rachelle.

The Great Weighty Sword was not effective at stabbing due to its weight, but that didn't change the fact it was still difficult for Rachelle to dodge the attack. Her only choice was to retreat.

Zen could not let Rachelle off so easily.

Rachelle fled at an extremely fast speed, leaving a trace of a thin line in the desert sand.

Zen gathered an immense amount of power at his feet.

Dust and sand clouded the air, a deep hole appearing under his feet. By taking advantage of the great force, Zen turned into a sharp arrow. In this form, his speed was not inferior to Rachelle's.

"Dream on if you think you can take me down!"

She rarely took any weak consummate True God seriously, and would never take a low-rank True God as a serious threat.

Only five or six Consummate True Gods in the rich clans could compete with her!

To be forced away by a low-rank True God was shameful for such a proud woman as her.

Even if she couldn't use her Godly Way, she could still subdue this brat with just her technique and strength.

After retreating for more than one hundred feet, she suddenly lowered her body and used the short sword to circle the Great Weighty Sword. She gently lifted it and intended to use a mysterious and dexterous sword skill to deflect Zen's Great Weighty Sword, and then to use the machete to cut off Zen's head.

In a battle between two gods, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat skills did not determine any kind of outcome. It was why True Gods never paid much attention to them.

Even s

hahn strode quickly towards Rachelle.

Rachelle's body was like a blood red shuttle, zipping around Zen and looking for an opening to attack.

Her speed still held an advantage, but every time she launched at Zen, the unpredictable heavy sword would be ready for her to hit it. She would retreat with gritted teeth.

This time, as Rachelle readied to rush Zen, Shahn seized her wrist and pulled her back.

"What are you doing?" Rachelle shouted in fury at Shahn.

"If you continue to fight with that brat here, I'm afraid you'll alert that thing," he said, pointing at the huge statue of the Heavenly Wheel Snake.

Rachelle was determined to kill Zen however. She said in a cold voice, "Since that's the case, why don't you help me? Are you afraid that Troy will get angry and give you trouble?"

Shahn considered her words for a moment, glancing at Zen. "You're right."

Shahn, Walton and the others didn't care whether Zen was alive or dead. All they wanted was for Rachelle to stop making a fuss. Although Zen had showed great strength in the world by virtue of his own advantages, the strength Zen had displayed was nothing at all if the several consummate True Gods acted at the same time.

When Zen caught wind of this, ice chilled the blood in his veins. His middle and ring fingers curled up slightly. The two fingers were adorned with the rings which had belonged to the consummate True God of the Sword Clan. If these consummate True Gods were really going to attack him together, he would probably have no choice but to go all out to fight for his life.

"We will help you finish this brat. After we return to the Floating Islands, you must make sure to offer some benefits to us though," said Walton, carrying a large machete and walking slowly towards them.

The three consummate True Gods moved to surround Zen. Clearly, they were planning to cut the Gordian knot to finish Zen off quickly.

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