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   Chapter 2363 Rachelle's Chance

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"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh..."

After a few scattered bird songs, a group of colorful clouds made entirely of the mysterious birds descended slowly.

The members of the Swallow race also brought several children to worship the Heavenly Wheel Snake.

Although the Swallow race wasn't openly at war with the Eagle race, the two races were not on friendly terms with each other in this world. Thus, the members of the Swallow race present exchanged no greetings or niceties with the members of the Eagle race. Rather, the two races simply looked upon each other coldly from afar, huddling together with their own peers.

When the three consummate True Gods from the Swallow race noticed Zen and Nelly, they were surprised.

"Aren't you from the Mu Clan? Why are you here?" The one who had spoken was a young man with dark skin. His name was Eugene, and he came from the Mysterious Soul Building, one of the three forces of the Moon Clan.

The Moon Clan and the Mu Clan were not on the same side. Hearing this, Nelly was taken aback. She nodded fiercely. "If you can come here, so can we!"

Eugene rolled his eyes and smiled coldly. "You are just a low-rank True God. How dare you run around this world?" he said in a condescending tone. "It's really unexpected that you were even able to find the Heavenly Wheel Temple!"

Nelly didn't say anything. Frankly, she didn't even care much about controlling the jade seal. She was too busy thinking about how to prevent these children from being eaten by the Heavenly Wheel Snake.

Zen also remained silent. These consummate True Gods had found this place through the Swallow race. It seemed that his judgment had been right.

The key to the jade seal was probably inside the Heavenly Wheel Temple.

After a while, a peculiar sound, loud and clear, came down from the sky again.


Then a golden cloud of birds shot across the sky.

It was a group of golden rocs!

In a heartbeat, the cloud of rocs swooped downward and landed on the other side of the altar.

The Swallow race had been successful at avoiding conflicts with both the Eagle race and the Roc race over the past years. Thus, even though they were far from being allies, the Swallow race did not consider either of the two other races to be their mortal enemies.

However, there had been a feud between the Roc race and the Eagle race for many generations.

Not long ago, the Myth Tribe of the Eagle race had sent out eight Royal Eagles and over a hundred fierce male eagles to massacre a small village belonging to the Roc race.

Of course, the Roc race retaliated, ruthlessly slaughtering many members of the Eagle race themselves.

Zen himself had witnessed the golden rocs attacking the cloaked men who raised eagles. That, too, was part of the Roc race's revenge against the Eagle race.

It was no surprise that the two races regarded each other with such anger. They were, to all intents and purposes, enemies.

Upon landing, the large golden rocs acknowledged the eagles on Zen

t was impossible for anyone to use the internal momentum.

Of course, Rachelle's most powerful Murdering Godly Way couldn't be condensed in this world either. She had simply extracted the power of the nine stars from her body and emitted a strong power. It was difficult for this power to penetrate through the Redemption Armor, and even if it succeeded, it would become much weaker in the process. Zen was already able to withstand it with just his own physical body!

When she noticed the strange thin film on Zen's body, a strange expression colored Rachelle's face. She stretched out her hands, a short sword and a short machete appearing on each of her hands. Then she said coldly, "Even though you have the magical treasure, I still can cut you into pieces!"

As soon as she had finished speaking, she took a step forward and charged towards Zen at breakneck speed.

Zen retreated immediately, looking calm.

Rachelle was not as intimidating without the help of the Godly Way. Indeed, she far surpassed Zen in terms of speed, but as far as physical strength was concerned, Zen was not much less powerful than her.

"In that case..."

In a flash, the Great Weighty Sword appeared in Zen's hand. However, just as he was about to attack, an unknown figure flew past him unexpectedly.

Zen had been going around in a wide circle as he continuously dodged Rachelle. Nelly had taken the shortcut and caught up with Rachelle, placing herself between her sister and Zen.


"Fuck off!"

As Nelly went to stop her sister, Rachelle looked livid. She didn't even think she recognized her sister any more.

However, Rachelle was so eager to kill Zen that she chose to simply ignore Nelly.

With a single move, she pushed Nelly out of the way and onto the ground.

As she pushed Nelly away, she was faced with a surprise. Something in front of her suddenly roared.

Not only had Zen not run away, but he stood there, both of his hands on his heavy sword, aiming to swing it at her head.

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