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   Chapter 2362 Heavenly Wheel Temple

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Nelly was akin to many other talents of the rich clans on the Floating Islands.

Her life was pre-planned from the day she was born.

She practiced hard day and night and admired her sister very much. She paid little to no heed to the stuff that was going on around her. Her sole aim was to become the second Rachelle of the Mu Clan.

She seldom appreciated other good things in life.

However, these days were unlike the rest. She felt as if the time had slowed down for her, and her feelings to the occurrences around her were completely different than usual.

"That snake is too cruel. Why does it have to feed on small boys and girls?" Nelly said with a frown.

Zen threw her a casual glance and said, "Since when did you become so sentimental?"

"I'm not!" Nelly glared at Zen.

Zen calmly looked at the mother and son and said, "These things happen all the time in the divine land and in the universes. On the other hand, it's quite understandable if it surprises you."

Nelly's heart skipped a beat when she heard Zen's words. She looked at him with a complicated expression on her face.

Her sister had told her that Zen was a stowaway from the Evolutionary Universe.

He must have experienced a great deal of things on his way from the universe to the divine land.

Her curiosity for Zen deepened as she developed a strange feeling regarding the whole situation.

The very next day, the selected children were carried onto the backs of the eagles.

Then, hundreds of eagles took off from the Eagle Castle.

Leading the flock were thirteen Royal Eagles. Zen and Nelly were seated on two different Royal Eagles.

Under the leadership of the chief, they flew some distance to the northwest. After a while, they were greeted by a circular mountain.

It was a dead volcano. Hundreds of years' weathering and erosion had turned its crater into a beautiful lake. Many eagles landed around the lake. The people of the Eagle race had finally reached their destination.

The Eagle race was divided into five tribes: the Vision Tribe, the Myth Tribe, the Edge Tribe, the Collar Tribe, and the Cape Tribe.

Zen and Nelly were with the Vision Tribe.

"Why do we have two outsiders among us?" the leader of the Edge Tribe demanded, staring at Zen and Nelly.

Besides Zen and Nelly, there were also the consummate True Gods and other True Gods who had entered this world.

The Eagle race were wary of the intruders. Just like Nelly, some of the True Gods were capable of killing people without saying much. Therefore, the natives were ultimately inclined to defend themselves.

The Edge Tribe was attacked by two True Gods a while ago, and it took

In the center of the city stood a huge altar, behind which was a lofty hall.

Upon hearing the tribal leaders' words, all the eagles descended, withdrew their wings and landed on the altar.

Zen jumped off the back of his eagle and carefully examined the altar.

At the center of the altar, a statue of a huge black snake was erected. The snake resembled the one on the jade seal.

"It's that snake," said Nelly, who was following Zen closely.

"Heavenly Wheel Snake." Zen gave a nod of approval. That was what the members of the Eagle race called this snake.

The tribal leaders and other members of the Eagle race simultaneously jumped off the backs of their respective eagles, and then carried the children with them.

These children had been crying for their mothers throughout the journey. But they had fallen asleep since all the crying made them tired. Serenity could be seen in their childish faces. They were unaware of what they were about to face.

Looking at the innocent face of the boy who was sleeping in her arms, Nelly felt pity for him and whispered, "Can't we do anything to save these children?"

"Let's wait and see," Zen replied faintly.

He was not sure of how ferocious the Heavenly Wheel Snake was.

If the beast in the jade seal was as powerful as the Time Elk, even the consummate True Gods wouldn't be able to save the children, let alone him.

Suddenly, the sky was filled with sounds of birds chirping.

Then, several colorful clouds were visible floating in the sky. Those colorful clouds were made up of palm-sized colorful birds. Some people were standing on top of those birds.

"The Swallow race is here," the chief said.

At the same time, Zen also noticed three consummate True Gods standing on top of the clouds.

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