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   Chapter 2361 Offering Up Sacrifices

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When Zen took out the five times refined pills, their fragrance filled the entire hall.

Most of the members of the Eagle race had never seen magical pills before and didn't know how useful they were, but the chief had seen the effect with his own eyes.

As soon as he saw the six milky white pills, his breathing became heavy as he imagined how it would be to have them in his hands.

During the past few years of fighting, a lot of Royal Eagles had died. Most of the remaining ones were injured and couldn't fly anymore. Among these injured eagles were the precious golden-feather Royal Eagle and the bloody-feather Royal Eagle.

These six pills alone could heal the injured eagles as well as greatly enhance their strength.

"If you take me there, these are yours," Zen offered.

The chief found his proposal very tempting.

Recently, the conflict between the Eagle race and the Roc race had been getting more and more serious. The chances of a fierce war breaking out between the two races were very high. The Eagle race needed these magical pills to enhance their strength before that.

"I'm willing to take you there, but I don't think the other chiefs would agree to it," the chief replied after a deep breath.

The Eagle race was divided into five tribes—the Eagle Castle and four other tribes.

Even if the chief of the Eagle Castle agreed to Zen's proposal, the other four might not agree.

Zen frowned, wondering how to solve this dilemma.

Judging from the clues he had obtained, the Heavenly Wheel Temple was probably the only place that could control the jade seal. He had no choice but to go there.

He had been searching the desert for so long, but to no avail. Without the guidance of the Eagle race, it would be impossible for him to find the temple.

Thinking of this, he turned and looked at Nelly.

With a glass of wine in her hand and a smug smile on her face, Nelly said, "Oh, it turns out that you are using these pills to entice these people to do your bidding."

Nelly couldn't understand the conversation between Zen and the chief of the Eagle race, but she managed to get the gist of it by looking at their expressions and actions.

The chief of the Eagle race was obviously very interested in these healing pills, and Zen was probably offering them to him in return for something else.

Moreover, judging from Zen's expression, she could tell that the chief of the Eagle race had not agreed to his request.

"Do you have any healing pills? They must be refined pills, but it doesn't matter how many times they've been refined," Zen said, ignoring Nelly's jab.

Even if she had only one or two times refined pills, those pills would still be able to heal the injured Royal Eagles. He had no doubt that the Eagle race would agree to his request as long as he offered them more pills.

"Yes, I have a lot of them," Nelly replied with a smile.

"Give them to me," Zen said, reaching out his hand.

"Why do I have to do as you say?" Nelly asked.

Zen's eyes darkened slightly. "Because I saved you three times!"

He had saved Ne

ave of his hand, he grabbed the purple light.

It was a palm-sized purple fruit with a transparent hard shell on its surface. The transparent flesh inside was very sweet with a faint flavor.

"Just eat it!"

A voice came from above his head.

Zen raised his head and saw Nelly standing on the back of a Royal Eagle, looking down at him.

With her snow-white skin and jet-black hair, she exuded infinite vitality. Her beauty would make anyone stop in their tracks.

After Nelly had discovered how Zen had become friends with the members of the Eagle race, she had begun offering them a lot of valuable things.

Now, in the eyes of the members of the Eagle race, Nelly was a hundred times more generous than Zen.

She had taken out powerful divine textures from her small space ring, as well as pills and magic weapons with different uses.

It hadn't taken long for the Eagle race to give Nelly certain privileges over Zen. They even assigned a Royal Eagle to provide services specially to her.

After some simple practice, Nelly had been able to control the Royal Eagle with a bamboo flute in her hand. During this period of time, she had been riding the Royal Eagle to tour around the Eagle Castle, always bringing back some strange things and food.

The first person to taste the food was Zen. It was lucky that he was not afraid of the poison, or he would have already died.


At this moment, a crying sound came from not far away.

A woman from the Eagle race was holding a boy in her arms and weeping.

Tomorrow, the members of the Eagle race would gather at the Heavenly Wheel Temple. At that time, a few boys and girls would be offered up to the snake as sacrifices, which meant that the boy would be separated from his mother forever.


Nelly jumped down from the Royal Eagle and landed lightly on her feet. Then, she sat down next to Zen and looked at the mother and son below. As she pursed her pink lips, a hint of sadness appeared in her eyes.

The expression on her face was rare for a woman like Nelly.

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