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   Chapter 2360 The Heavenly Wheel Snake

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There was some information withheld by the Eagle race in the beginning.

Despite the fact that Zen saved their Royal Eagle and was treated like an esteemed guest, he remained an outsider to their race.

However, completely rebirthing the Royal Eagle's wing by means of a pill was completely taking it to a whole other level.

To say the chief was excited was an understatement.

It was amazing just how Zen kept on surprising them. The young man actually had a pill that could save a disabled Royal Eagle. One could only wonder how many more magic pills he had in his possession.

The chief didn't know where Zen came from, but it didn't really matter. If the young man wasn't strong enough, then those pills were as good as the chief's.

Of course, Zen was already aware of the chief's intentions.

On hand, he still had around seven or eight five times refined pills. If the members of the Eagle race wanted to snatch them by force, then the price they would have to pay would definitely be higher than the harvest.

Zen was no fool. He had already made inquiries and understood how this world worked more clearly.

This world had three great races.

The Eagle race was one of them, then the Roc race, and finally, the Swallow race. The golden rocs Zen had seen previously belonged to the Roc race.

These three races lived through the birds they tamed and they flourished around the vast desert.

"Is it caused by those bugs?" Zen asked.

The chief nodded. "Yes. Our eagles take the Heavenly Wheel Bugs as their meal so they can grow healthy and strong."

'So those strange bugs are called Heavenly Wheel Bugs, ' Zen thought to himself.

Every once in a while, the Eagle race would take their eagles out into the desert to graze and have their fill of Heavenly Wheel Bugs. It was there that Zen met them.

The golden rocs had the same agenda and thus fought with the eagles. This had been going on for so long that each race always treated the others with animosity at sight.

It was this desert that comprised the center of this world. Incidentally, a consummate True God of the Sword Clan also died there.

Thinking of this, Zen asked again, "Are there some special places in this world? Or has anyone ever seen something similar to a jade seal?"

Zen didn't know how to control the jade sea

stion uncovered old wounds that never really healed.

"I'm sorry," Zen apologized in a low voice.

The chief sighed. "We've gotten used to it after so many years." He then pointed at the wooden carving Zen made. "The Heavenly Wheel Snake cannot be offended. We have to sacrifice our children for us to live in peace. My poor daughter will be sent to the Heavenly Wheel Temper in half a month."

A trace of sadness appeared on his face at the mention of his child.

His daughter was only six-year-old and did not yet quite understand what the elders were talking about. All she had been doing so far was sit next to her father and enjoy her meal.

When she heard him mention her, she smiled brightly at him.

"In half a month?" Zen repeated in surprise.

The chief could only nod sadly. "Yes."

"May I take part in it?" Zen's eyes flashed.

The chief looked up at Zen in surprise, but a look of vigilance immediately replaced his shocked expression.

Even if Zen helped in curing one of their Royal Eagles, they still did not trust in him fully. They did not know the origins of him and the woman beside him. Whether in dress or in aura, it was obvious that the two did not belong to this world.

This small world they lived in formed their narrow views. None of them cared about the truths of the world. All they really cared about was their survival.

Zen could read the chief's thoughts on his face. It seemed that his request was about to be rejected, so he quietly took out six five times refined pills from his space ring.

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