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   Chapter 2359 Let Go Of Her

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The chief that the executioner was referring to was the supreme commander of the Eagle Castle.

"Okay," Zen said with a nod.

With that, the executioner left in a hurry, leaving all the members of the Eagle race awaiting punishment to look at Zen in surprise.

"You… You can really do it?"

"You can heal the broken wing of our Royal Eagle?"


In their excitement, the voices of the members of Eagle race trembled.

They were all too willing to take on the punishment.

It was an unforgivable sin to let the Royal Eagle get hurt—it was worse than losing even their own lives.

So when they heard Zen make such a sudden promise, naturally, they got riled up. Still, they were worried he was just lying.


After a moment, an eagle was heard singing.

Some sort of black light appeared in the sky where the eagle spread its wings and circled the area, flying towards Zen.

The moment the black light appeared, all the eagles in the Eagle Castle grew extremely quiet. They scattered into every corner, curling up their wings and sticking out their chests, motionless, like soldiers under inspection.

"This eagle is huge!" Zen muttered while looking up at it.

The feathers on the eagle's neck turned out to be a light golden color, and the eagle's powerful momentum left Zen feeling threatened—it was a truly powerful Royal Eagle. It had the power to fight him.

In the blink of an eye, the Royal Eagle landed opposite to Zen as a sturdy member of the Eagle race leapt off its back.

It shed a strange cloak, revealing a middle-aged man with a wide forehead—the chief of the Eagle Castle.

Turning to face Zen, the chief asked in the Eagle race's language, "Can you heal our Royal Eagle's broken wing?"

Unlike the other members of the Eagle race, the chief didn't doubt Zen's words. If he was lying, he would soon be exposed, after all.

"Yes, I can," Zen nodded.

Hearing these words, the chief's Royal Eagle made a sound—it should have understood Zen's words and stared right at him with sharp eyes.

Also looking intently at Zen was the chief as he asked, "Do you have any requests other than letting these people go?"

He figured it was natural to forgive those people if the Royal Eagle could be healed. They had nothing to do with Zen, after all. So this didn't count as a request at all.

"Yes, of course," Zen said with a smile. "Let go of the woman you have caught."

A sense of hesitation came over the chief at Zen's request. "She killed our eagles. She is our enemy."

"I can promise you that she will not be making a move again," Zen affirmed.

The chief nodde


Still cautious, Nelly didn't leave the cage immediately. Instead, she suddenly stood up and took two steps back, her expression growing vigilant. "What do you want?"

"I'm letting you go," Zen said flatly.

"Letting me go?" She couldn't believe it.

Shrugging his shoulders, Zen turned around and left without a word.

Standing in the cage, Nelly was still in a daze, wondering how on earth Zen made these people let her go so easily.

When Zen's back disappeared at the corner, Nelly rushed out of the cage to run after him.

The members of the Eagle race held a grand feast to show their gratitude.

Nelly took a seat beside Zen.

Thinking about how she became a distinguished guest from nothing but a prisoner in the cage, she got rather emotional. Seeing how the Eagle race respected Zen so much, she was puzzled. It seemed that the guy had even learned the Eagle race's language in a short time.

Zen could communicate well with them, but Nelly was left stunned at the banquet like she had gone deaf.

Everyone clinked their glasses and toasted to the chief. It wasn't until then that Zen learned basic information about their world.

His very purpose in helping the Eagle race was to get to the truth of the world as soon as he could. From the looks of it, it was very likely that the world was built by the jade seal, meaning that there must be a key point in controlling it.

Apart from Zen himself, the consummate True Gods had also entered the world.

Although the consummate True God of the Sword Clan died in the desert rather strangely, other consummate True Gods were unlikely to die so easily.

Those consummate True Gods would definitely pour their efforts into finding a way, so he had to rush things along.

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