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   Chapter 2358 Recovering The Broken Wing

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These men draped with cloaks did not display the amount of power to defeat Nelly. How had they captured Nelly?

Even with the absence of Godly Ways in this world, Nelly's power was enough to defeat the cloaked men easily.

Zen bet they should have relied on the eagles.

Zen had noticed that there were some special eagles, and their strength was far stronger than that of an ordinary eagle. There might be some extremely powerful individuals among the eagles raised by the cloaked men.

Nelly looked quite upset.

Zen gestured to the cloaked men, meaning for them to wait for a moment before he started walking towards the iron cage.

Because her head was buried in her legs and she stayed motionless, Nelly didn't notice Zen's arrival at all.


Zen knocked on the iron fence.

"Fuck off! I'm not going to eat your disgusting food!" Nelly exclaimed but didn't raise her head.

The cloaked men would send her food every day in fear that she would die of starvation after they locked her up.

But after all that had happened, how could Nelly swallow her pride and eat their food? Moreover, as a True God, she didn't need to eat anything.

Zen approached and put his hands behind his back. He then stared at Nelly with a faint smile and without saying a word.

Nelly sensed something was wrong. Often, before the cloaked men left, they would say something she couldn't understand. Why was it so quiet this time?

As she looked up and saw Zen, her eyes were filled with astonishment, and she was stunned for a moment.

"Why are you here?"

Her face had shown immense excitement and surprise at the same time.

"Why? Can't I be here?" Zen said with a calm voice.

Majority of the members of the Mu Clan did not give a good impression on Zen, but he had saved Nelly's life twice already.

However, Nelly's elder sister, Rachelle, had tried to kill Zen once entering the valley. Because of this, Zen believed that Nelly must have told her sister something.

In Zen's opinion, Nelly had returned his kindness with ingratitude!

"But how did you manage to make friends with these cloaked men?" Nelly asked as she noticed that the cloaked men treated Zen as a guest instead of an enemy.

Zen just shrugged his shoulders and chose not to answer.

"Can you help me out?" Nelly begged.

After hearing that, Zen displayed a mocking smile on his face and said, "Why should I save my enemy?"

Although Zen knew that his biggest enemy was the Dongfang Clan, the Mu Clan remained to be his first target. After all, it was Murphy who had planned to destroy the Evolutionary Universe.

Astonished at what she heard from Zen's mouth, the excitement in Nelly's face vanished.

Royal Eagle well."

"We are willing to take the punishment."

"Yes, I'm willing to accept the punishment."

The members of the Eagle race being tied said one after another.

The Royal Eagles were the spiritual deities of the Eagle race and no accident was allowed to happen to them. If the Royal Eagle died in the course of grazing, the race members grazing it would have to pay with their lives.

This was the rule and practice of the Eagle race, so it was improper for Zen to intervene. However, he still asked, "Is there any way to get rid of their punishments?"

The executioner shook his head. "It's impossible, unless the Royal Eagle can fly into the sky once again."

After its wing was broken, they said that the Royal Eagle had lost its fighting capacity forever, which was a great loss to the Eagle race. The Eagle race members had to be extremely careful while grazing the Royal Eagles.

"Let the Royal Eagle fly again?" Zen's eyes flashed and a smile appeared on his face.

For the Eagle race members, they could never mend a broken wing. But for Zen, it was not that difficult.

If the Godly Ways could be used, Zen could directly use the Life Godly Way to help the Royal Eagle grow a new wing. Now that the Godly Ways couldn't be employed here, he still could use the pills.

He thought for a while and Nelly's face flashed in his mind. He smiled and said, "If I can help that Royal Eagle recover its broken wing, can you let them go?"

"You can recover the broken wing?" The executioner stared at Zen with an incredible look.

Zen nodded slightly and said in a serious tone, "I suppose so."

The executioner looked at Zen doubtfully. He did not really believe what this outsider had said, but he finally put down his long sword. "I have to report this to our chief first!"

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