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   Chapter 2356 Eagles And Rocs

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The huge column of light appeared to be very close, but it took Zen a full five minutes to get to it.

The cloaked men standing around the light column seemed to panic a little when they noticed Zen who was not far away now. They muttered something to each other and marched towards him.

Zen did not understand the language of the cloaked men, but judging by their tone and movements, he could sense that they weren't a welcoming committee.

Two of them even held steel pitch forks and pointed them at Zen.

Zen remained calm. He chose not to get close to avoid annoying them, and instead quietly watched on the side.

The sole reason that the consummate True Gods had entered this world was to obtain the jade seal.

Zen knew too little about this world and he needed to obtain some useful information as soon as possible. These cloaked men would play an important role in this quest.

Strange bugs were scuttling about in the sand dunes in the desert, but within the scope of the light column, there was not a single bug. The cloaked crew were obviously familiar with the habits of these strange bugs.

Zen waited and observed not far away for a while.

Suddenly he heard loud sounds in the sky.

A group of black shadows were flying across the sky and circling around the huge light column.


Zen gazed at this scene. Although the light was dim, he still recognized that the black shadows were eagles.

The black feathers of the eagles were camouflaged in the night sky. Their black eyes were sharp and feral.

A cloaked man standing under the light column took out a green flute and played it gently. Guided by the melodious sound of the flute, the eagles pounced towards the light spots in the distance.

An eagle flew down quickly, and stretched out its powerful claws to drag one of the bugs out of the sand dune. Then it tossed the hapless creature lightly in the air and swallowed it.

"It turns out that these cloaked men are herding the eagles and the bugs are their fodder," Zen said to himself.

The strange bugs in the desert were the food for the eagles, and luckily, they were inexhaustible.

The eagles kept swooping down, and the strange bugs were unable to resist them. Each time they flew by, a light dot disappeared in the desert.

This hunt lasted for almost an hour.

Zen still maintained a safe distance from the cloaked men. They thought that Zen was not a threat to them, so they didn't guard themselves against him.

They paid no attention to Zen.

d him, he brutally attacked it on its face.


Sand was flying around.

The impact caused the yellow sand under Zen's feet to form a huge ripple which fanned out around him.

The cloaked men stared blankly at the dust floating in the air. When the dust settled, what they saw shocked them.

The golden roc lay motionless in front of Zen, and its head had been completely obliterated by the bombardment.

Zen balled his right hand into a fist and stared at the only golden roc in the sky with a smile. If this golden roc kept flying in the sky, he would have no way to deal with it. But if it zoomed down, it would be courting death!


The golden roc circled in the air, eyeing Zen with its golden eyes. It realized that it was no match for the human, so it reluctantly retreated.

After the golden roc left, the cloaked men under the light column whooped with joy and rushed towards Zen.

Two of them raised their hands, bowed and patted their chests. Zen was confused with the gestures, but he understood that they were thanking him.

Several cloaked men surrounded the eagle with the broken wing, and one of them bandaged up the wound, while the others looked very sad.

The eagle with a white ring around its neck was special, but it might never fly high as its wing was broken.

After the cloaked men tended to the eagle's wound, another one took out a bamboo flute and played it again.

All the eagles flying in the sky descended and perched on the ground in a circle.

One of the cloaked men patted the back of an eagle and motioned to Zen.

"Are you asking me to ride on the eagle?" Zen raised his eyebrows slightly at this request.

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