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   Chapter 2354 Skeleton

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Thinking of what he had just experienced, Zen was a bit shaken on the inside. His life had been on the line just now.

If he had been even a little slow in responding, the black insect in the passageway would have devoured him in no time. He would have been dead meat.

After resting for a while, Zen remembered something. He suddenly reached out and used the Cross-world Theurgy to extract strength source from his body.

However, when the Power Shaping began, the ball of strength suddenly vanished into thin air, unable to take any shape.

"What happened?"

Zen's eyes narrowed as a strange suspicion nagged at him. That was an odd thing to happen. Logically, this should not have occurred at all.

He seemed to ponder on something as he once again readied himself, this time about to condense a flame.

In the Godly Tile of his inner world, there existed a square that contained the Elementary Fire Godly Way. At the moment, it began to glow. The chaotic energy was constantly extracted and sent outside of his cinnabar field.

However, despite this, no internal momentum flowed through his hand currently.

Unconvinced, Zen continued to condense other Godly Ways. He kept trying several times but in vain.

It was not until now that Zen was certain of one fact. "Is it that internal momentum cannot be condensed in this world?" he mumbled to himself. "I don't know if it is only me who can't condense it or if all True Gods struggle in doing so."

"Nothing is wrong with you. Perhaps it's this world that is abnormal." Master Evil's voice sounded out of the blue, interrupting his thoughts.

Zen had left the Golden Beast Statue in the Time Sea Forbidden Land, causing Master Evil to manifest once again in Zen's mind. He had followed Zen to reach here.

Ever since he followed Zen into the Time Sea, he had been witness to a lot along the way.

Not only did he come face to face with the Holy Beings, he saw battles among the consummate True Gods; the Time Elk which was a sixth-grade fierce beast; and numerous other awe-inspiring things.

Although he only had a strand of soul left, he felt that the journey with Zen had been worth every minute.

Zen nodded in agreement. Along the way, he had not encountered any other beings except for the long and thin insect. Perhaps it was more likely that the world he was in caused this to happen to him.

He looked around, appraising his surroundings. Everything around him was grey and hazy. Except for the shadows of some trees, all that he saw in the distance seemed unreal.


At this moment, the five-colored circle of light beneath his feet shrank rapidly. In the blink of an eye, it disappeared, revealing a barren land.

If the light was truly a time passage, then could he be in a different era in the history of the divine land?

"The other True Gods didn't come into this world with me..."

When Zen had descended, he saw many True Gods fall with him.

the surface of the skeleton, one could not tell how many years it had been since the person died.

"Zen, look at the hand of the skeleton!" Master Evil pointed out.

Zen's gaze zoomed in on the three faint black rings on the skeleton's fingers. The rings were well made, like a sword that had been smelted and forged back into a circle.

"Is this the skeleton of the consummate True God from the Sword Clan?" Zen asked, stunned.

Back in the valley, Zen had observed the consummate True Gods of these powerful clans.

The consummate True God from the Sword Clan remained silent, but the sharp look in his eyes had left a deep impression on Zen. There was a similar set of three rings on the man's right hand.

When Zen had run his eye over these rings before, he had been somewhat confused as to why this person wore three space rings. He had even asked Aleyna about it in secret.

Aleyna had told him that the rings were not the kind of space rings that could hold things.

Rather they were symbols of supreme honor in the Sword Clan. They were also precious and powerful treasures that could save one's life.

"The consummate True God from the Sword Clan was indeed wearing white clothes!"

Thinking of the white shadow that had constantly flashed before, Zen felt a faint sense of unease rise in him.

The consummate True Gods had entered the circle of light about five minutes before Zen did. And within this short period of time, a consummate True God had died?

Moreover, a consummate True God's body could not decay so easily.

It would take ten million or even over a hundred million years for the corpse of an ordinary True God to rot and decompose. Moreover, the bones left in the end would still shine with a brilliant light.

How long would it take for the corpse of a consummate True God to rot, fester, and eventually turn into a mottled skeleton?

It was likely that even after several divine eras, it would not turn into such.

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