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   Chapter 2353 The Insect With Pincers

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"Oh no! He has really jumped into the halo!"

"Doesn't he care about his own life?"


The True Gods hadn't expected Zen to really jump, which was why they were so astonished when he did.

Aleyna's and Kelsey's eyes were wide open, their hands at their mouths in shock.

After a while, Aleyna whispered, "Laquisha, what did he say to you?"

Laquisha was lost in thought. At Aleyna's question, she smiled and said softly, "He asked me to wait for him."

Laquisha knew Zen's motives very well.

If he left the Time Sea Forbidden Land now, Zen would be at a dead end. Everyone knew what would happen to him if Nicholas were to lay hands on him. It was a fact that Samuel couldn't save him. And although Joy was a Demi-holy Being, she couldn't win against Nicholas either.

Zen might just get lucky by jumping into the light and be able to reverse what was happening.

Another figure in red jumped up and into the colorful light, disappearing from before everyone's eyes and leaving behind circles of shallow ripples that spread slowly.

"It's Nelly!"

"She has also jumped in!"

"Young people are getting bolder by the day!"

Laquisha was encouraged, seeing that Nelly had also jumped in.

No one knew where the colorful halo led to. Perhaps it led back to the past or perhaps it led to a dangerous, secret land where they would all meet.

But Laquisha was willing to take the risk, as long as it was for Zen.


While Laquisha was lost in her thoughts, Aleyna grabbed her clothes from behind.

She whispered to Laquisha, "Laquisha, you have to trust him. I'm sure he will return safe and sound."

Aleyna knew what was on Laquisha's mind, which was why she decided to stop her before Laquisha could follow Zen and jump in after him.

"Laquisha, please don't leave us alone," Aleyna begged.

Laquisha looked at Aleyna's pleading face and heaved a sigh. Zen had always been able to turn any kind of bad luck around. She hoped that he would return safely this time as well.

Following this, about thirty True Gods jumped in one after another.

A few of the True Gods tried to use their techniques to get the jade seal out. But everything disappeared as soon as it entered the light.

They had tried all sorts of methods before they were left with no choice but to give up and think about leaving the Time Sea Forbidden Lan

n he was free again!

Before he could identify his surroundings, he twisted his body and changed direction. He found a pair of huge pincers clamped tightly around him, and spikes embedded in his head.

The black insect rushed out of the halo along with him, but half of its body was still stuck in the halo.

Soon after, Zen felt the pincers emitting a heavy force. The insect wanted to drag him back to the time channel.

"Go to hell!"

Zen had been like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered since he had been unable to move.

But now the situation was different.

He grabbed the two large pincers with both his hands, causing a force to rush forth and explode. He then dragged the insect out.

At the same time, he summoned his Buddha Emperor Sword and Heavenly Tooth Sword.

He concentrated his energy, and two balls of strength source appeared outside his body.

Zen had almost been eaten up by this black insect and now that he was sufficiently angry, how could he let it go? He would not rest before killing it!

But he didn't expect the two balls of strength source to burst into pieces as soon as they were formed.

"What happened?" Zen exclaimed, astonishment written large on his face.

He found that he couldn't use the strength source, and the Separate Controlling of the Purple Aura Godly Way.

But he was smart enough to twist the two pincers.

And with two resounding cracks, the pincers broke.

The insect, at Zen's explosive power, looked at Zen fearfully. It did not dare to do anything else but quickly retreated into the colorful halo.

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