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   Chapter 2352 Time Passage

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A small slender snake was carved on the top of the jade seal. The little snake raised its head and flicked its tongue, as if it were alive.

The jade seal was quite inconspicuous at a glance, a little thing, about the size of a thumb.

But all the True Gods in the valley had exceptionally sharp eyes. Even a tiny mosquito would not escape them.

Thus, the atmosphere of the valley suddenly became charged.

Had they come across this seal in any of the other forbidden areas, the True Gods would have probably all rushed forward and fought to get their hands on it.

But here, nobody dared to take a move.

Everyone, including Rachelle, knew that anyone who moved would become a target.

The strong power of time that radiated from the jade seal tortured the souls of every consummate True God with longing.

Even if it was only a first grade supreme treasure of belief, to the True Gods, it would be worth fighting for.

Because this was the Time Sea Forbidden Land.

Usually, any supreme treasure of belief that had a connection with the Timing Godly Way had powers and functions one could only dream about.

Seeing that this jade seal was emitting such a strong power of time, they could tell that it was definitely not a first grade supreme treasure of belief. It was at least third grade, or even fourth grade.

Outside the Time Sea Forbidden Land...

Even those Holy Beings couldn't contain their excitement at this moment.

Every supreme treasure of belief in the Time Sea Forbidden Land was by no means ordinary, and this jade seal seemed all the more unusual.

They tried to act as if they were not affected at all, hiding their extreme excitement. However, they were all, in fact, secretly communicating with their consummate True Gods.

"Get that jade seal..."

"At any cost!"

"You must take the jade seal out of the Time Sea Forbidden Land!"

"Use the right tricks..."

These Holy Beings, however, were also very conflicted in their minds.

One thing was clear for the consummate True Gods: whoever rushed to the circle of light would be attacked by all the other consummate True Gods.

If one of them was attacked by dozens of other consummate True Gods at once, even the exceptionally powerful ones, like Walton, Troy or Shahn, would surely die.

If the consummate True Gods were slow to react, however, they would undoubtedly lose the opportunity to obtain the jade seal!

The valley was engulfed in a heavy, oppressive silence.

The atmosphere among the inferior True Gods, on the other hand, was relatively relaxed.

"There seems to be a jade seal over there!"

"It's a supreme treasure of belief in the Time Sea Forbidden Land. Well, do you think they will fight for it?"

"Of course!"

"I honestly don't really care, as long as their fight doesn't harm us."

With their cultivation level, these True Gods were not qualified to participate in the fight for the jade seal. They could only stand and watch from the side.

Zen's gaze swept the valley and landed on the jade seal. The expression in his eyes was one of utmost calm.

It seemed like a f

sucked in by the colorful circle of light.

In fact, anything that touched the edge of the colorful circle of light would inevitably be sucked in!

"Have those consummate True Gods already died?" a True God asked.

As Kelsey heard this, her face immediately darkened. "Stop talking nonsense!" she said angrily. Alfredo was, after all, sucked into it.

Soren looked towards Kelsey. "No, they haven't died," he said. "These streams of power of time are continuous. I think people can pass through it safely, but I don't know where it will lead to..."

Theoretically, the Time Sea of the divine land could lead to any point of time in the past.

But the Time Sea was made out of time fragments, and there were countless time cracks. Therefore, any creature that fell into the Time Sea would be cut into pieces by those cracks, and then these pieces would fall into different times in history!

However, the power of time in front of them was a complete time passage, unlike that of the Time Sea.

"Should we go in?" another True God asked.

"Haha, it is possible that those consummate True Gods will never be able to come back! We cannot know for sure what has happened to them. If you go with them, you will be flirting with death!" a True God taunted.

A helpless expression appeared on the faces of many True Gods. The jade seal was so close to them, but they couldn't even touch it. This made everyone feel depressed.

Zen stared at the colorful circle of light for a short while. After making up his mind, he turned around to look at Laquisha and said, "I'll go in, too."

Hearing Zen's words, Laquisha's fine eyelashes trembled slightly. "Why?" she asked.

Aleyna and Kelsey also looked at Zen. It seemed to be a reckless decision. As the other True Gods had already said, it was too risky.

Zen smiled. He said something to Laquisha, his lips barely moving. Then, a confident smile turned up the edges of his mouth. Without further ado, he proceeded to jump into the colorful circle of light, followed by the screams of the True Gods he left behind.

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