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   Chapter 2351 The Jade Seal

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Every consummate True God usually cultivated a Godly Way to its max.

So they had the ability to control the Godly Ways in whatever way they pleased.

With a large number of consummate True Gods coming together, even a Holy Being could not deal with them!

But when it came to monsters, they needed their combined power to destroy them. If it was the Spiritual Mountain Monster—the sixth-grade fierce beast in the Everest Spirit Mountain, or the Vicious Ghost—the sixth-grade fierce beast in the Soul Wilderness, they did not need to work together to attack it.

However, the Time Elk's theurgy was related to time, so it was really difficult to kill it.


An ice spear was released by a consummate True God. It went straight for the Time Elk.

"Snow Divine Spear?"

Zen looked up at the icy spear with a confused expression.

He had suffered a lot because of the Snow Divine Spear in the Arena of Legends. The one who had shot the Snow Divine Spear was Moore, the fat man from the Moon Clan.

It was no different today. The consummate True God who used the Snow Divine Spear was also from the Moon Clan.

"This Snow Divine Spear is as powerful as that of Moore." Astonishment was written all over Zen's face.

The True God released a second Snow Divine Spear, then a third one, followed by a fourth one...

Each spear was just as lethal as Moore's Snow Divine Spear.

The consummate True God was a formidable foe. And he was, of course, far more powerful than an ordinary low-rank True God.

What happened next jolted Zen out of his musing.


In the blink of an eye, more and more Snow Divine Spears were released by the consummate True God. The power of the fifth Snow Divine Spear was far greater than the fourth one. Subsequently the sixth Snow Divine Spear, and the seventh one were even more powerful... By the time the thirteenth Snow Divine Spear was released by the consummate True God, the power contained within it had grown manifold!

Even if one wasn't stabbed by the deadly spear, just a light touch was enough to smash them to pieces.

This was the power of the consummate True God! Zen was shell-shocked.

The other True Gods were just as fearsome.

The flowing internal momentum in the sky transformed into a variety of attacks aimed at the Time Elk in the distance!

"I can absorb all of this internal momentum!"

Zen was quite excited at the prospect.

Perhaps no one would notice him in the chaos.

It was possible that some Holy Beings outside the Time Sea Forbidden Land would notice his actions, but he had already exposed almost all of his skills as he was in great danger now. It was meaningless to hide anything anymore.


His eyes quietly lit up and a golden circle of light was visible in them. He started to absorb the internal momentum in the valley!

No matter how complicated the internal momentum was, he cou

as also focused on the Time Elk, which was sprawled out on the ground motionless.

Its body was covered in darkness, and the wide wings on its back were also riddled with holes. It didn't look like a savage beast anymore, and seemed to be dead.

The consummate True Gods warily moved towards the Time Elk.

But just as they approached the creature, the indestructible beast suddenly opened its eyes scaring the living daylights out of everyone present.

Its colorful eyes exuded a new level of ferocity.

The light flew along every piece of its flesh, muscle and blood vessels, soon converting into numerous sharp thorns and shooting out in all directions!

Swish, swish, swish!

Suddenly, the Time Elk had transformed into a giant hedgehog.

And each colorful thorn was formed by the power of time.

This phenomenon had occurred all of a sudden!

Rachelle was the first one to react. Almost in an instant, she used the spatial transference. Just as her figure disappeared, the sharp thorns had pierced into her chest!

The next moment, she appeared in another place of the valley. A fist-sized hole had formed in her chest and blood was gurgling out of it.

The other consummate True Gods also reacted swiftly. Most of them were injured, save for a few, who managed to escape quickly.

The consummate True Gods of the Zhao Clan and the Qin Clan were killed. Their heads were pierced by the sharp thorns. The formidable power of time destroyed their souls and their bodies were also pierced through. They died on the spot.

The mighty Time Elk staggered to its feet.

It seemed to be unable to use the Time Backing, so it let out a desperate roar.

All the spikes flew back to its body, and at the same time, a colorful halo spread out from its feet.

The Time Elk was sucked into the halo immediately.

Everyone was still frozen in fear, but they saw a small jade seal appearing in the center of the halo.

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