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   Chapter 2350 Action

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The strength of Walton's body was nothing to the Time Elk, but a thick current of internal momentum escaped Walton's body, leaving others with an intense feeling of heaviness.

He was as sturdy as a thick brick wall, able to block the Time Elk all by himself.


The Time Elk suddenly burst into a shrill roar.

It had been at war with these consummate True Gods for a long time, and it was strong enough to defeat any one of them at any time, all by itself.

It could even devour all these consummate True Gods within several seconds.

However, the Time Elk was overwhelmed by sheer numbers. The consummate True Gods were like a pack of wolves, and the Time Elk was like a helpless lone bull. No matter what kind of technique it used to attack, the True Gods' combined efforts rendered it useless. Despite the Time Elk's great strength, it was helpless.

The Time Elk suddenly let out a thundering roar and shook its thick wings, pushing into the ground with its powerful, muscular legs. Then it crashed into Walton.

Its head down, the Time Elk rushed, and the surrounding space was torn open with huge cracks, resembling a beast's irregular, jagged teeth. However, the space in the divine land was not only stable, but also possessed great self-regenerative strength. The small space cracks began to shrink almost as soon as they appeared, and were soon gone.

"Ha-ha! Come on!"

With a wave of his huge hand, Walton slashed at the air with the purple machete.

Streaks of yellow ochre power radiated in circles around the purple machete, its power warping and distorting the surrounding space, making it look as if the thing Walton was waving was not a machete, but a mountain.


The two huge forces collided.

The surrounding space tore violently, and the repeated impact of the conflicting forces continued to ravage it faster than it could repair itself. Some of the space cracks were like sharp arrows flying in all directions.

Fortunately, the True Gods had escaped to the other part of the valley. Otherwise, the black gashes in space, now spreading rapidly, would have cut them to shreds.

The Earth Godly Way was not an aggressive Godly Way. Even though the power of the slash was shocking to any who observed it and extremely powerful, it was still not powerful enough to hurt the Time Elk.


The Time Elk's head began pushing Walton's machete.

Even though Walton was connected to the earth, he still couldn't block the Time Elk's advance.

With the Time Elk advancing towards him, Walton began to retreat. His feet dragged on the ground, creating two deep furrows. Once he had retreated to a distance of several hundred feet, the Time Elk suddenly twisted its body, hitting Walton and sending him flying for a distance of seventy to eighty feet.

The Time Elk was not unintelligent.

Back when they were outside t

could turn back was itself.

When the Time Elk's injuries were serious, it would use its own talent to perform the Time Backing. It quickly wrapped itself in a thick cocoon and began self-regenerating. The wounds inflicted on its body by Rachelle began disappearing, one after another in rapid succession, and it soon returned to its previous healthy state.

At this moment, the other consummate True Gods were ready to take action.

Fortunately, the Time Elk was able to activate Time Backing only once in a while.

No matter how severe the injury was, it would be able to recover and go back to normal by performing the Time Backing, but it could not perform it at will. Therefore, they asked Rachelle to force it to activate the Time Backing, and then killed it before it could use it again.

This was probably the only chance they had to kill the Time Elk.

Otherwise, all their efforts would continue being rendered futile by its use of the Time Backing technique.

Crack! Crack! Crack! ...

After some time, the cocoon encasing the Time Elk began to break into pieces.

The moment the Time Elk emerged, Troy ordered, "Action!"

As soon as he had spoken, all the consummate True Gods began to summon the power of the Godly Tiles held within their bodies. For a moment, the power that was emitted by all sorts of internal momentum reverberated around the valley, forming ripples that could be seen by the naked eye.

When the inferior True Gods felt and saw the ripples, they didn't even dare to breathe, and their souls were suppressed to the extreme.

"Grand Curse Skill!"

A dreadful, vibrant green skeleton appeared on the top of the Time Elk.

After the skeleton appeared, it began shaking over the Time Elk's head.

The Grand Curse Skill was being employed by the consummate True God of the Liu Clan. When it was cast on the body of the Time Elk, the Time Elk would suffer more damage.

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